Sunday, 22 November 2009

Spats... the style at your feet!

Stylish items can not be forgot and are destined to be put forward again, maybe under different appearances, even a lot of years after their first coming. The fascination of cult items surpass their historical context and become timeless. In my opinion, this is the case of Spats!

From being traditional items of uniforms, Spats evolved adapting themselves to our age. In this way, they become an essential accessory able to give a touch of great originality to your way of dress. Elegant, casual, glamour, fizzy or classical, spats can adapt themselves to all styles, to all shoes, to all contexts, to all seasons and to all wishes.

All these spats are handmade by me with high quality fabric and a lot of love!

2 commenti:

Anonymous said...

Those are adorable. I could have used a pair of those last night on my date.

Lavinia on 19 December 2009 at 03:18 said...

wow!!! these spats are so fancy!!! love your blog!! I´ll be visiting often n____n

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