Sunday, 13 April 2014

Make me droll party stamp set

Since the birth of Gemma, we get used to make little parties each month during the day when she's born. Shall I call it "birthday-month" or something like that? The ritual is always about the same: we have a good lunch together (no, Gemma is still feed with my milk), which ends with a delicious cake... actually every occasion is good to eat a cake!! Then, we take a photo all together!!!

During one our birthday shootings, I had the idea to make another of my "make me droll" stamp sets, with which to modify and embellish our photos, giving to us a more party mood! Here around some samples... as in the case of the other sets, also newspapers and other stuffs could me transformed with my stamps-camouflage... you can find my make me droll party stamp set here, along with all the other make me droll...

I hope you like them!!!

Monday, 7 April 2014

Sweet birthday party

These days of spring, in which the sun and the sweet weather spread the happiness all around, create in me the wish to celebrate. For that, I make a couple of hand carved stamp set inspired to the sweeties that I love: cupcakes and ice-cream!

While I was creating these stamps, my idea was to make a set with which to be able to create cards and invitations for parties, such as birthdays. For that, in each set I add some little flags with which to create a bunting as decorations. 

Use a pen to draw the thread of the bunting, and the eyes and the mouth to the ice-creams and to the cupcakes... and the game is done! I hope you like these stamps sets, you can find both on my etsy shop! Check them out here!!!

Sunday, 30 March 2014

An apple a day... special offer!!

Keeps the doctor away! In this picture, it seems that also Gemma agree with this old adage! For that I have made a special apple set, composed with one felt brooch and two stamps, the all three with the shape of a cute apple It is a limited offer, you can find this set on sale on my etsy... enjoy it!

Sunday, 23 March 2014

And the winner is...

Randomizer has chosen the comment n.4, Natasja, who likes the lazy TarePanda! Congratulation to Natasja, please take contact with me in order to arrange the shipping of your stamp... Thanks to everybody who left a comment to this giveaway, it was so cute to read all of them!

Natasja won this stamp, with which, as you seen, I also decorated Gemma's body... I hope you will enjoy it!!!

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Special give-away: super-kawaii characters!

Some times ago, I made a special set inspired to the new San-x's characters called Sumikkogurashi that a reader of my blog, Vanessa, committed to me. I have to admit that I was really glad to carve them because me too I am a great fan of those tiny and extremely shy animals, which are at ease only sitting in the corner.

Saying the true, I love all the characters produced by both San-x's and Sanrio, which I consider the real masters in making kawaii & cute creations. That inspired me to make some stamps representing some of these famous characters...

They are so cute, and each of them has a its own personality, which clearly marks all of them. For that, it is not possible to empathize with our own favourite characters...

...for instance, I love very much Pompom Purin and Rilakkuma because, both of them, are huge gluttons and are used to spend the main part of their time dozing... and you? Which is your favourite one? Would you like to try to win a hand carved rubber stamp with the shapes of your favourite one? Try your change participating in this new giveaway!!!

To participate to this giveaway is easy: subscribe as a follower to my blog (if you are not yet a follower) and write a comment from now to March, the 23rd at 13h00 (Rome, Paris etc. hour) in which you indicate which is your best favourite character and a short explanation of your choice. Then, I will assign an ascending number to each comment (1,2,3, and so forth) and randomizer will find out the lucky winner, who will receive the stamp of her or his favourite character... good luck to everybody!!!


Wednesday, 26 February 2014

As many moods as the weather

Being very weather sensitive, my moods change following the weather conditions. While I feel an irrational happiness in the sunny days, there's almost nothing that could enhance my good moods when outside rain. And often, people do not understand me my changing behaviours... so I wondered, why to not make something to alert all around about my weather-changing moods?

And, looking to the Gemma and to the way in which she's able to change expressions, I had a lot of fun when I recognise that her moods too can be compared to the weather conditions! While sometimes she smiles like the sun, in other cases she is a pensive as a cloudy sky, fickle as a variable weather and even "thunderous"  in certain (few) occasions, when she cry inconsolably!!

For that, inspired to these considerations, I have produced a wide range of felt brooches and hand carved rubber stamps inspired to the weather conditions. The brooches can be used to show to the world our feeling/moods. While the stamps can be used to track on our agenda the record of our humour, day by day! You can find both on my etsy shop, hope you like them.

Monday, 10 February 2014

Cute and warm mascot creations

While the cold and the rain persist outside, I feel like to make some cute mascots to warm up this winter weather. Thanks to a cute white fluffy fabric, I have produced some new characters that I hope you like. They are Mr and Mrs Cloud, Madame and Monsieur Lapin, Francis the Llama, Henri the Bear, and Judith the Seal. I am sure that their cuteness will be able to bring a lot of smiles with them!

I also sewed a pin on their back, these cute characters can be used as a brooch to embellish your cloths. My daughter Gemma served as model in these photos... seeing her happiness while wearing them, I suppose that she likes them very much!!! And I have also made some hand carved rubber stamps inspired to these characters, which you find - also with the brooches - on my etsy shop. I hope you like them!!


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