Thursday, 8 September 2016

Make me magic! A new make-me-droll stamp set version

I am pleased to announce a new version of my make-me-droll stamp set: make me magic!

With these hand carved rubber stamp, you can turn each member of your family in a magic one... even your mother in law!You cam find this stamp set on etsy.... I hope you like it!!

Saturday, 3 September 2016

Back to school special cloud set

Back to school! To celebrate the beginning of the school year, I made a special cloud set, which is composed by a couple of cloud smiling brooches and a stamp set. You can find on my etsy, I hope you'd like it!!

Friday, 27 May 2016

yummy food creations

Children are very exigent and, also at table, they prefer when food is not only good, but also cute. Desperate mums, who are, like me, in this daily struggle to create some yummy for children, could find a valuable help into Japanese accessories for bento boxes, which helps in turning food into something simply cute. Since I have discovered the nori punches, I add little eyes to everything and, in a second, all becomes so "kawaii"

Being enthusiast about these creations, I decided to create a couple of special set to kawaii food. Onigiri and little eggs become cute hand carved rubber stamps e little accessories thanks to their cute faces! I hope you like them, they are available on my esty

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Make me meow! New hand carved rubber stamp set

I am glad to announce that I have made another stamp set of the collection "make me droll", called "make me meow", which could enable you to turn everyone you'd like into a cute cat! You can find this stamp set on my etsy, I hope you like it!

Initially, I made this stamps set to play with Gemma, who loves cats very much (maybe this is her way to mock Fifi!) She also like to go to "le Café des chats", a place in which, more than the usual things that you can do in a coffee, you could also spend some time in company of a lot of cats... it is situated in16 rue Le Compte, 75003 Paris, more information on their website.

Sunday, 27 March 2016

Happy DIY Easter

Happy Easter to everybody! And many thanks to Petit-Bateau and to Steffie Brocoli for this cute DIY project with which to realise funny boxes with the shape of a bunny. Steffie is an illustrator who lives and works in Paris and who creates really cute stuffs (take a look on her etsy shop!). If you'd like to realise you too these amazing boxes, you can download the pattern here. On, you can also find many other DIY projects signed by this illustrator that will made your Easter!! I am sure!!


Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Rilakkuma in Paris

Wednesday the 9th March, Rilakkuma and his friends Karilakkuma e Kiiroitori came visiting Paris directly from Japan. Gemma and I, who we are amongst his greater fans, met him at BonTon, one of our favourite shops in Paris.

There were a lot of Kawaii surprises, of which Gemma promptly benefited, such as the Rilakkuma's nail-gaze (created in collaboration with nailmatic-kids), balloons, temporary tattoos and colouring draws. At BonTon, there was also a new collection of cloths, bags and accessories inspired to amazing world of this little lazy and glutton bear.

For souvenir of this cute day, I carved a rubber stamp on Rilakkuma and his friends, with a little Parisian touch. Au revoir les amis!

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Monsieur Cacahuète

I still remember the amazing taste of White Rabbit peanut candies by Shanghai Guan Sheng Yuan Food, which I tried out a couple of years ago in Shanghai! They are very typical of this town, all people that live there eat this candy...

And since I am delighted to announce that I will be back in Shanghai at the end of the month, I have made a couple of creations inspired to peanuts, such as Monsieur Cacahuète (Mr. Peanut) hand carved rubber stamp, and his young assistant, Le Petit Cacahuète felt brooch. And of course, I also enjoyed to make an hand carved rubber stamps inspired to the White Rabbit Nugats, one of millions of reasons to visit Shanghai! I hope you like it...

Friday, 26 February 2016

A mermaid in Paris...

That's Gemma! Once we knew that the annual theme of the Paris Carnival was "the sea world", my daughter wanted to participate with her costume of little mermaid. Actually, she loves the tale and the cartoon of the little mermaid and, even when she takes her bath, she loves to play with figurines with the shape of the little mermaid (such as the duplo and koeda-chan here below, which are her favourite ones)!!!

Inspired from Gemma's love for the mermaid, I have done a complete series of creations inspired to her. A fabric doll, a tutorial to make it and a hand carved rubber stamp are now available on my etsy shop. For the tutorial, there's two alternatives: either to buy the pdf alone, or to buy the pdf and a the fabric patter already drawn by me (for whom that find difficult to draws her face).

I hope you like it

Sunday, 7 February 2016

Fifi turns four, happy birthday!!

 On February, the 1st, Fifi has turned four! Happy birthday to you, my old!!! I made a stamp to celebrate Fifi and her beautiful friendship with Gemma... Fifi we all love you!

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Two years together!

On the 25th November, Gemma has turned 2 years old! She's already a cute young lady, she's really growing up quickly, my little darling princess! These 24 months together have been amazing, hopefully I monthly reported the evolution of our little family... I do not know until when Gemma and Fifi will accept to participate into this photo project (see below), but it is really funny to see through it how Gemma has changed (and we get older...)

For her birthday, she aimed to be dressed as a fairy princess. Once she saw it in a shop, she wanted this glittered "dreamy" dress. I have also made a magic wand and a crown to complete her birthday clothing, but she did not wanted wear the crown. Instead, she tried to make Fifi wearing it and she brought the bunch of wands that I have made at the park, in order to share them with her friends for a little magic birthday party!

Taking Gemma's sample, I would like to share the magic wands and the crown with you. Here you can find the templates to make the wand, while here's the crown, which you can download and use (only for personal uses).
The magic wand. You need some cardboard, some fabric, some paper straws and some permanent pens for fabric to draw the face on the star. 1. Cut some cardboard and some fabric following the template. 2. Sew the cardboard to a paper straw. 3. Draw the eyes, the nose and the mouth onto the star and then iron it (to make it permanent). 4. Glue the fabric on the cardboard. Voilà!!
The princess crown. You need some glittered paper, some felt and an elastic thread. 1. Cut the glittered paper and the felt following the template. 2. Glue the paper on the felt. 3. Sew some elastic thread, fitting to you measure. Voilà!!

A last thing. I want to dedicate to Gemma this cute song, not only because its video was partially turned in my lovely birth town (in Carrara, at the quarries), but also and especially because it is a kind of ballade in which a mother tells to her daughter that she is going to grow following her natural and personal attitudes. I believe that all parents should try to encourage children to do this, without imposing any "plan" and without considering them as "empty box" to be filled. Happy birthday my little darling Gemma!!!

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