Monday, 21 January 2013

Snow in Paris: it is roly-poly time!

If Paris is a beautiful town, it is even more under the snow! Also Fifi, which usually hates the cold, is unable to resist to the fascination of snow!! Here in the photos around, she is playing in the unrecognizable park aside the Louvre completely covered by the snow... and her new game is to catch an iced ball...


The cold has some positive sides also for me: indeed, hot chocolates, croissants beurre and pains au chocolat become compulsive pauses during the afternoon in order to warm me up. Also people around become more pleasant than usual. The snow and the cold spread a kind of happiness all around, and people appears really funny muffled in pillowy down jackets from which only the face pops out. Especially kids are turned into sweet and milling bundles and look like little Roly Polies: those dolls that right themselves when pushed over.

Thus, I have taken inspiration from this first snowfall of the year to produce these fluffy brooches in fabric made with the shapes of this cult toy, which is able to contain both sweetness and determination at the same time. Actually, the nevelashka or venka-vstanka is the Russian version of Roly Poly: in Japanese is called okiagary, meaning to get up (oki) and arise (agari). This characteristic has come to symbolize the ability to have success, overcome adversity, and recover from misfortune.

I have created 10 different styles for these brooches, with different hairs and different cloths. Actually, I used my favorite fabrics!! By this way, you could find your favorite one, able to warm your heart during this cold winter!

They inspired me to make also a hand carved rubber stamp set with which to create uncountable colored Roly Polies! Stamps also gave me the opportunity to do some paper stickers with the shapes of these dolls in the blue and red version. I hope you like my creations, you can find them on my etsy!!!

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