Saturday, 5 November 2011

timeless vintage brands #6 Snuggle

Today for me was the "washing day". Indeed, I've not any washer at home, and, usually, I need to spend whole afternoons in the coin-operated laundry on the doorstep for doing the washing. But today, my time was not totally wasted. As soon as I crossed the laundry's threshold this afternoon, I've promptly recognized something a new but familiar at the same time: the soap dispenser was re-settled to sale a new kind of softener and its panel has been covered with a huge sticker of "cajoline". Cajoline is the French name for "snuggle", in Italy we call it "coccolino"... and it remembered me too much my childhood! Shortly, a new argument for my special issue dedicated to vintage timeless brands was dropped in my mind! Indeed, as soon as I finished to dry my scented clothes, I hand-carved the logo of snuggle, making a special stamp that you can see in the pics of this post; I hope you like it!

Watching again today the old commercials of snuggle from 1980s (a lot of them are available here - in French), I remembered all the efforts made by my grandma to please my desire to have this cute character of the TV. During my childhood, indeed, in Italy (but I guess also in other countries) it was possible to win the teddy-bear accumulating points. A lot of points. I think that at the end my grandma obtained the bear only thanks to a friend of her, who has a little stock of promotional teddy-bear because she was the owner of a grocery... But, this was not exactly a happy end: indeed the toy revealed to not be at all the cute and softy teddy-bear of the adversing. It seemed more to an evil woo-do doll, very rigid and mangy. I think that, fearing it could become alive, I enclosed it into a drawer, without even considering the possibility to play or sleep with it. I read that still today an accumulation of point exists for having the little bear... and in the pic it seems really cute; what should I do, to try again my chance to obtain this white teddy-bear?

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Marthaamay O_o on 6 November 2011 at 00:27 said...

Now you can snuggle on anything!

L on 6 November 2011 at 06:47 said...

how adorable!!! :D indeed timeless brand!

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