Friday, 25 September 2009

Le Petit Prince hand carved rubber stamp set!

I hand carved this rubber stamp set as a tribute to a famous tale that companied me when I was a child: its disarming simplicity fascinates me still nowadays.
In this stamp set you can find represented the features of the Little Prince:
- there's the sheep, which the author of the tale has to draw at the instance of a strange blond kid just met but already very exigent;
- there's the fox, whose teaching helps the Little Prince to understand the meaning of love;
- there's, of course, le Petit Prince who, from his tiny planet, can look up to the stars, to other planets, and the loved sunsets each time he wants simply turning his head...
In short, with these stamps you can be able to recreate everywhere you want (on paper, fabric, wood, ceramics depending on the ink you are using) the adventures of this strange but precious kid. I'm sure that doing that, you will be able you too to look at the world of adults throughout the eyes of the Little Prince, understanding how, sometimes, our behaviours are irrational and futile... These rubber stamps are recommended to everyone, young and old, that loves to create ties and believes in the friendship and in simple and true relationship!

Stamps are carved in a high quality plastic eraser and are mounted on wood for easy stamping. They are placed in a wooden box, decorated with the stamps features.

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