Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Travel with me! Aeroplane felt brooch.

It's true, today, through the improvement of transports, travel is become a habitual and spread experience. The normality and the ease of the travel had determined the loss of its peculiar feature of existential experience, transforming the travel in something of more and more frustrating. From being travellers in discovering the new, we became consumers that bring everywhere our world, determining that everyplace ends up to resemble each other. Doing that, we often find ourselves in following the marks of the same civilisation from which initially we wanted to escape... If, despite of this general tendency, you feel as one of last people who keeps a romantic vision of the travel, this felt brooch is for you! When you will feel the sensation that the time to leave is come, hang this brooch on your backpack: it will go with you during your memorable adventures to the knowledge of unknown realities remembering you that you are travelling not for moving to somewhere, but just for going, because the significance of the travel is the path you get!

These brooches are hand crafted in felt by me and in the back they are attached to metal pin backs.

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