Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Reading, reading, reading... Mr. Bear's intellectual life, Hand Carved Rubber Stamps, set of 2

Be serious for a while: finally, you can find a little bit of culture in this blog. This beacause I am presenting you Mr. Bear, also called "the savant". If you mind at yourself as a serious and sober intellectual, why don't customize your stuff with the Savant Bear? It would be difficult to carve the title on the cover, but I can assure you that Mr. Bear is reading a Dostoyevsky's book, he told me he's his favourite author... here's some photos of the intellectual activity of Mr. Bear stamped on a paper:

Stamps are carved in a high quality plastic eraser and are mounted on wood for easy stamping. They are placed in a wooden box, decorated with the stamps features.

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