Saturday, 23 January 2010

The Little Red Riding Hood Remake

Some time ago I confided you my distrust concerning this tale... I remember that, when I was child, it had the awful power to not leave me to sleep peaceful; I was able to spend whole nights minding and imaging about shreds of flesh and coat of that poor animal left as a warning on the floor of the grandma's house.
With this my revisited version of the Little Red Riding Hood, I want to come to Mr. Wolf's defence, all along presented as an aggressive, ruthless and harsh creature. From the shepherds' bugbear to children's terror, from eater of harmless lambs to devourer of tender of young boy and girls, Mr. Wolf is always presented as a hellish beast with bristly coat, with a wild and lonely character, and, above all, with famished jaws.
Here, instead, Mr. Wolf looks rather nice and he's not obliged to dress the uncomfortable and unjust part of the evil... but I would start, indeed, to suspect of the character of the Little Red Riding Hood that, on closer inspection, does not seem so innocent....

Using these hand carved rubber stamps I've made a t-shirt featuring my version of the tale...

If you like this t-shirt, I can arrange to do it for you for € 20: let me know with an email your size (S, M, L, and XL) and I will make it in a little delay!

And I've also done this set of felt broches...

this set of set of felt brooches is now on sale on my etsy!
Finally, here's an other felt broches done using an Otogicco's stamp set, which I love very much!

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Suzanne on 29 January 2010 at 17:34 said...

I adore the tshirt - i'd love one !

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