Monday, 30 May 2011

The unicorn of the sea!

Narwhals hand carved rubber stamps

On the wake of my last post, inspired to the seawold stuffs and animals, I am glad to present you a couple of new rubber stamps representing the magic narwhals! This curious animal, who live around the Arctic, can be considered the unicorn of the sea: it is almost a whale, but with a long, straight and helical turst in the front... really as an unicorn who live under the sea! Even though its existence is real and, differently to the unicorn, it is not a mythological animal, the narwhal is in any case hard to be seen and a lot of aspects of its life and habits are completely unknown... starting for instance from its turst, about which scientists have no idea about its exact function. In my opinion, this animal is the evidence about the existence of the magic, of a world in which the door is always open for imagination, in which the surprise for the enchantment could really exist.

For that, I took decision to carve a couple of narwhal rubber stamp: a littler and a bigger one, which can be found, not in the Arctic, but on my esty shop!

And, latterly I've done a treasury on Etsy, where I found a lot of funny items that I want to share with you... and I've launched the challenge: Unicorn vs. Narwhal, which is your favorite?

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Anastasia on 6 June 2011 at 19:31 said...

I love narwhals c: theyre real life unicorns

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