Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Paris invasion

"Space Invaders" is for all people who, as me, raised during the 1980s almost a synonymous for the video game in itself: it is, indeed, one of most famous digital addiction who the human being has ever created. And, it is with a lot a pleasure that I visited last sunday a art exhibition dedicated to the "Space Invaders": indeed Paris is actually under siege of 1000 little aliens that are decorating walls of Parisian houses. An street artist had the genius idea some years ago of reproducing onto the walls of a lot of town, such as Paris, the characters of "space invaders" using little and colorful tiles! This modern mosaics an authentic art performance, to which books and exhibitions are dedicated.

Such the one organized by the art space "La Générale", which is holding an amazing exhibition to celebrate the 1000th invader sticked here in Paris. From 7th june to 2nd july in Paris (14 avenue Parmentier, 75011 Paris, from Tue. to Sun. 12 h- 20.30 h, free entry, website you can take a look to this definitively old-fashion geek exposition in which, more than admire the wonderful Invader's art, you can also eat some gouffres with the shape of the main character of this video game... And, for this occasion, it was produced also a map of Paris in which all the invaders are localized upon... during last time is not so uncommon to find people that are just walking around with in their hands the "invasion map" of Paris giving chase to these colorful UFOs dispersed in the town.

And, me too, I was not able to resist from buying the map and starting to search them around the town... Furthermore, I've also carved a rubber stamp set of "Space Invaders" that you can find on my etsy just for few days, until the 3rd july, before than I will come back in Italy for my summer holidays... I hope you will have fun with them, using them to invade your house, your paper stuff or your t-shirt with a simple hit of stamp!

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Maria-Thérèse ~ on 16 June 2011 at 00:36 said...

So cute!
I actually saw one of the space monsters in Paris last summer :-o
on a wall!

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