Monday, 12 December 2011

All-Mighty: Boston Terrier lovers

Christmas is approaching very fast, and for whom that have still to find the last gifts for their beloved ones, I'd like to suggest to take a look to one of my favorite shops, which has recently launched a new amazing collection of wears and accessories... it is All-Mighty, a concept store build around a funny Boston Terrier (whose name is Mighty), the best friend of Erica and Jennifer Daking, two adorable sisters from Los Angeles. In 2007 they started a really nice activity of t-shirt and apparels producers focused directly on Mighty and on their love for Boston Terriers...

...When most people come in contact with a Boston Terrier they see a small, chortling, and often excitable little dog; for many of us the experience could best be described as cute, but when Erica Daking stares into the big brown eyes of her beloved dog, the connection is nothing short of inspirational. Mighty, Daking’s 5 year old Boston terrier, is not only her precious pet and best friend but also the muse from which she draws a majority of her inspiration for her t-shirt line- All Mighty. Daking’s designs are as adorable as the pup that inspires them!!

And, that's true, Boston Terriers are insomuch cute that I've experienced of this inspiration and hand carved the logo of All-Mighty... with which I hope Erica and Jennifer could decorate packets and cards they send over the world for diffusing their love for Boston Terriers!

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allison b-t on 15 December 2011 at 04:58 said...

i became a big all-mighty fan when i found them a few years ago because i have a boston terrier too. they capture the cuteness and attitude of boston's so well and with such great designs.

i am new to your blog- it's so cute and lovely! i will be sure to check back often.

Eleni on 21 December 2011 at 11:38 said...

They are my favourite dogs! Pretty much my only ambition in life is to own a Boston terrier :)

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