Monday, 11 August 2014

Travelling with fantasy... on a paper boat

Summer is often synonymous with travel. A journey that could be to exotic and relaxing destinations, where it is possible to rest from the tiring and stressing winter... It is possible to travel by many means: by car, by train, by pane, by boat... but above all, it is possible to travel by fantasy. It is sufficient to come on board of a little paper boat and to be cuddle by the unforeseeable waves of a limitless imagination.

This new stamp is especially made for all the dreamers who love to travel with their imagination. It enables to create poetic paper boats on diaries and other paper stuffs, but also on fabric - like I have done to decorate this handmande bloomer (here if you need a cheap tutorial) for my dear little Gemma. If you'd like to do an origami paper boat, you can download this tutorial here.

I hope you like this new stamp, who can fin it on my etsy. After all, we are in the same boat, sharing the same dreams, fears, wishes, hopes, while we are floating toward an uncertain destination.

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