Monday, 3 January 2011

The handmade revolution: Commit me your custom rubber stamps!

In a world more and more dominated by a continuous process of standardization of tastes, which imposes us thousands of identical and depersonalized goods without any sentimental value, it becomes essential to find a way to mark out our uniqueness. For that I am a supporter of the handmade world... I think it represents a concrete opposition to the conformism of our society, a form of struggle against the attempt to destroy individual differences and to commodify all human interactions. And the funniest way to oppose myself to this general standardization is to stamp custom draws to my stuff: t-shirts, fabrics, paper goods, etc become unique... for that I've taken decision to start to accept commissions for custom hand-carved rubber stamps. If you feel you too that you need a personal rubber stamp with your face or with the face of your beloved, send me an email with a picture, I will be glad to turn it in a rubber stamp to be used to decorate everything you want! Above you can find same samples of possible outcomes...

Otherwise, if you have a favorite draw, made by you or by your beloved or simply found somewhere, that you'd like to turn into a rubber stamp, I can do it for you! For instance, recently I was happy to be charged by Rosario, alias Dona Maria, to turn a sweet draw of her daughter into a rubber stamp, the photo above shows the result of my work.

And Ana, alias B'arte, asked me to turn her logo into a rubber stamp, with which she can sign all her creations, business cards and more and more... the photo here above refers to her commission.

Finally, if you are on the point to launch an e-shop or a website but you have not yet a logo, you can do as Christina, alias Raggybaby Blankets, that asked me to create both her logo and her hand carved rubber stamp taking inspiration to mermaids, as her son has an authentic passion for these marine creatures... for launching her new shop on etsy I've also created her banner.

For enquiries about personalized rubber stamps and logos and their prices, don't hesitate to send me an email!

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Anonymous said...

Great idea! I'd like to have a stamp with a drawing of my son that I like very much. How much does it cost? Thanks!


Memi The Rainbow on 6 January 2011 at 17:26 said...

Hi Mary, thanks a lot! For am estimate, please send me a email with the drawings, specifying also the dimensions you'd like for the stamp.
Thank you

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