Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Welcome 2012! The year of the Dragon!!

Since 23rd January, Paris is in turmoil for the beginning of festivities linked to the new Chinese year! Yes because here in Paris there is a big Chinese community, who lives in three "Chinatowns": one around the 13 arrondissement in the south part of the town, one in the norther part of the Marais district, and another one in the core of Belleville. Each of these communities organize each years a series of parties, of expositions, and of cultural activities in order to celebrate the arrival of the new year. And most important, they perform also the traditional "Dragon parade", a real Chinese show that "floods" the Parisian streets. You can find the full program of these festivities here.

2012 is for the chinese culture the year of the Dragon: this mythological animal is for Chinese people the symbol of power, harmony, health, and, most important, of luck. Indeed, Dragon years are considered the luckiest in the Chinese lunar zodiac... and as fas as Dragon is such as a good omen, I have produced a hand carved rubber stamp with the shapes of a little cute Dragon to celebrate this year, which I hope it would really lucky!

Since the beginning of year is usually a time during which to believe in good omens, I have also carved a stamp set representing a Daruma (or Dharma) Doll. This is a Japanese doll that is traditionally believed a talisman of good luck. This doll is made without eyes; when you express a wish, you have to color only one eye: the doll will help you to realize it for having its missing eyes. Indeed, if the wish will realize, you have to thank the doll making the other one. Otherwise, these dolls can represent also a symbol of perseverance: drawing a eye when you settle a goal will help you to stay concentrate on this goal until when it will be fulfilled - and you will draw the other eye to show your achievement. I hope that you like both the Dragon and the Daruma Doll, you can find them on my etsy.

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Kimono Design staff on 27 January 2012 at 17:08 said...

Ciao! Ho appena scoperto il tuo blog!!! Mi sono piaciute molto le tue creazione, soprattutto gli stampini che vorrei realizzare anch'io! Le illustrazioni vintage che ahi raccolto sono stupende...soprattutto perchè alcune sono proprio le immagini che mi hanno accompagnato nella mia infanzia ( Lisa l'infermiera...wooow ho tutta la collana)!!!
A presto e buona permanenza a Parigi,
Anellina ( di Kimono Design)

Le Vélo Noir on 2 February 2012 at 08:23 said...

Adorable! I like both stamps but the Dragon is my favorite. Happy Chinese New Year :)

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