Sunday, 17 February 2013

Geometric style

Even if geometry was so boring at school, I find out that it could be very stylish if turned in some cute jewelries to wear. During last times, I have done a series of geometric forms with Fimo, with which I subsequently produced some garland necklaces... I made them in various colors and in two variations of forms, one with the shapes of a triangle and one with the shapes of scalloped (half circles), I hope you like them, check them out on my etsy!!


Inspired by these geometric forms, I have also made a series of hand carved rubber stamps, in which there are a triangle, circle, star, square and a polygon with the shape of a bow. They can be used to embellish you paper projects, but also on other surfaces. Using them on fabric, for instance, I created a cute pattern with with I've done also a pencil case. I hope you like all these geometric creations, you can find them on my etsy!!!


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