Friday, 26 February 2016

A mermaid in Paris...

That's Gemma! Once we knew that the annual theme of the Paris Carnival was "the sea world", my daughter wanted to participate with her costume of little mermaid. Actually, she loves the tale and the cartoon of the little mermaid and, even when she takes her bath, she loves to play with figurines with the shape of the little mermaid (such as the duplo and koeda-chan here below, which are her favourite ones)!!!

Inspired from Gemma's love for the mermaid, I have done a complete series of creations inspired to her. A fabric doll, a tutorial to make it and a hand carved rubber stamp are now available on my etsy shop. For the tutorial, there's two alternatives: either to buy the pdf alone, or to buy the pdf and a the fabric patter already drawn by me (for whom that find difficult to draws her face).

I hope you like it

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