Tuesday, 7 July 2009

My latest obsession: hand-carved rubber stamps!!

During my holidays, I am discovering the art of hand-carving rubber stamps and I state that I am really really enjoying it! In order to train myself and unbridle this my new passion, I have taken the decision to made a pair of special rubber stamps for a very great friend of mine: I carved the portait of her two beautiful children in a Kawaii or Japanese style! Here you find the ultimate result, it is so cute!

For doing this rubber stamps I carved the figures upon an eraser and I have stamped them upon a normal sheet of paper using a blue ink. Upon each stamp I have glued a little piece of paper with the figure and covered it with a transparent pvc sheet for keeping it clean.

Ps. I wish to leave here a special thank to some beautiful websites as Craftpudding and The Mayberry Sparrow, which learnt me the fantastic world of handmade rubber stamps. For a long time I collected stamps of any kind but the satisfaction of doing them by myself it is a completely different story! Thanks xxx

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mr. D. on 13 July 2009 at 14:15 said...

trust me, this rubber stamps it's a very funny and great idea, she made for my children as japaneses says SUGOI YO!!!! go on Memi!

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