Saturday, 24 May 2014

My neighbour Totoro!

When I bought this carillon of "My Neighbor Totoro", I have not expected that Gemma would have adored it to this extend! She smiles while listening at its sweet melody, and she looks intrigued to the movements of this fluffy and strange animal.... I simply love the dreamy atmospheres of this animated film (I have plenty of rubber stamps of it), and I am really looking forward to see it with my daughter. Waiting for this moment, and considering her good feelings for this cartoon, I have also decorated some her bodies with some hand carved rubber stamps inspired to the cute characters of this animated film, such as the black soots and the other Totoro's friends!!

1 commenti:

Anonymous said...

I have a 17 month boy too and I would like to try making the stamped bodies for him too. ;) Thanks for the idea!

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