Sunday, 1 June 2014

Mini baby care stamps set

After the first baby care stamps, which I have made some times ago, I stated that in the daily activity of a mum, some things could be important to be tracked on the agenda. Such as for instance, how many poo poos the child does, the temperature, the growth of teeth, the visits to the paediatrician and the vaccinations. For that, I have made a set of mini stamps, which fit with a week agenda. Furthermore, more than be useful, they are so cute to embellish the tracking of children activities and their development! I hope you like it, you can find it on my etsy shop!!



2 commenti:

Holly Nelson @ English Girl Canadian Man on 5 June 2014 at 03:13 said...

A real cute idea - I would get these if I had a baby!

Vermillion on 15 June 2014 at 06:33 said...

What a cute way to keep track of things!^^

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