Sunday, 11 October 2009

Onigiri Parade! Hand Carved Rubber Stamp, set of 3

How I adore onigiris! Here in Paris I live not far from the Japanese district and It often happens that I have an afternoon snack with these delicious little rice stuffs! More than to be tasty, they are definitively cute as well and for this reason I felt obligation to transform them in stamps... I hope you like them! As you can see from the photos, all my stamps can be used not only on paper, but also on fabric in order to give a touch of originality to your t-shirts, for instance... you could in this way customise everything you want... you need only to use the right ink and the game is done!

Stamps are carved in a high quality plastic eraser and are mounted on wood for easy stamping. They are placed in a paper box putted into a fabric tote decorated with the stamps features.

This stamp set is now on sale on my dawanda!

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