Friday, 2 October 2009

Tender Love Felt Brooches! Dog and Cat: who said that's impossible to be friends??

We can take only few things in our life for granted: the fire burns, if something can go amiss it surely goes in that way, nobody is able to lick his (or her) own elbows, all nuns have moustaches and cats and dogs hate themselves reciprocally.Well, be ready to hold tightly to your seat because one of your certainties is toppling over. No, I have not yet find a num without moustaches yet... but it a great honour for me to present to you the evidence of the fact that not only the friendship between dogs and cats is possible, they could even fall in love. Kira (the dog) and Sciatò (the cat) are really inseparable and I adore them! These felt brooches are dedicated to their tender love!

These brooches are hand crafted in felt by me and in the back they are attached to metal pin back.

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