Friday, 10 September 2010

First the nature! Eco-Friendly tote bags!

Eco-friendly Embroidered tote bags!

To use a shopping bag instead of a plastic bag is lifestyle choice: it’s an ecologic need to change bad habits, to act against the waste of resources, and to work for saving the nature. These bags are purpose made for all people who believes that changes start from daily little actions. However, for making the habit of recycling effective, the tote bag has to endure longtime: a tote bag should not broke after a little while because of its poor quality material. For make this attempt more effective, these tote bags are build to ever last and to be used without ceasing with a strong cotton fabric and also the draws are not printed but embroidered to be more resistant. Moreover, the fact that a tote bag is functional and daily use has not serve as a pretext to neglect the aesthetic side: for that, I dedicated a particular attention to create a simple and tender illustration that make the bag friendly and amusing.

Matryoshka eco-friendly shopping bag

For instance, one of my best favourite tote bags is the Matryoshka one: Matryoshka is a very cult item: in every respectable sitting-room should have one in exhibition. If you do not have neither a Matryoshka nor a sitting-room, you can remedy with this absolutely funny canvas tote bag. On the contrary, if you have a complete collection of Russian dolls in you sitting-room, this shopping bag can complete it or can let you show to the world your real passion....

Eco-friendly Embroidered tote bags!

These are all embroidered tote bags I've created:

2 commenti:

sassypackrat on 11 September 2010 at 16:26 said...

Those bags are adorable and eco friendly...great combination!

jonahliza on 12 September 2010 at 14:32 said...

this is just beautiful. i love the colors. too too cute

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