Monday, 6 September 2010

La ronde des boutons

La ronde des boutons

Here me back again in Paris; one of first things I've done, once come back from my holidays, was to have a short visit in some wonderful haberdasher's shops of this town... colored ribbons, precious fabrics, and amazing beads... all these things drive me crazy! But, above all, I've a weakness for buttons: both new ones, multicolored and imaginative in their forms, and the vintage ones, able to evoke again in me sweet souvenirs linked with my old clothes, such as my favourite cardigan or the coat of my childhood. I keep jealously them all into big jars in which every now and then I love to put my hand in: it's a unique sensation. The proof of the pudding ;) !
Following my passion for buttons, I took decision to carve a rubber stamp set figuring some little colored buttons of different shapes:

La ronde des boutons

Once stamped upon some fabric, they were so much cute that I took the decision to turn these drawn buttons into real fabric covered buttons. As I had already experimented in the past, the result is very original: it has a somewhat of surrealistic that remember the celeber "Ceci n'est pas une pipe" by Magritte, in this case I ought say "Ceci n'est pas un bouton!" ;)

Buttons on Buttons

For the new set of buttons, I created 3 exigent mademoiselles to wear them :

La ronde des boutons

I have the honour to introduce to you

La ronde des boutonsLa ronde des boutonsLa ronde des boutons

On sale on my etsy and on my new French on-line shop, ALM!
I'm sure that these buttons will be able to give a special touch to everything upon which you'd like to sew them. You'll see, you are going to exhume old cardigans that you did not wear since longtime ago in order to totally refurbish them with a simple and little touch of craftiness!

3 commenti:

Maria-Thérèse ~ on 7 September 2010 at 22:13 said...

so so so cute! and I like that they are button buttons! :)

Emma Ridgway on 8 September 2010 at 17:45 said...

wow, such a lovely idea! :)

Flo on 11 September 2010 at 09:38 said...

Je découvre ton blog et ce n'est que du bonheur, tes illustrations, tes boutons... So cute !

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