Wednesday, 27 October 2010


Award Book Mark French Cockade

I love very much illustrated books and, for that, one of my favorite activities is to spend my spare time flipping books in children compartment of bookstores... I'm very happy when I found illustrations able to express, through their immediacy and simplicity, even those concepts that should require many words. It is a language, whose apparently simplicity conceals actually a strong work of research that aims to the essence. And today, during my bookstore blitz, I stumbled upon a wonderful illustrated book, which has literally ravished me! It's Le Petit Gibert illustré by Bruno Gibert...

Bruno Gibert, Le Petit Gibert Illustré, Albin Michel Jeunesse, Paris, 2010, price 17,90 €, site of the publisher

It is an "alternative" dictionary; it offers indeed non conventional definitions to describe ordinary things, changing the point of view of the reader. Some amazing illustrations are related to funny definitions, and it really make me smiling thanks to the style of his draws and to his original and playful writings... amongst a lot of drawings and definitions, I've chosen only three of them in order to better present his work:

My love for this book inspired me to elaborate an "useful" prize with which reward my favourite books: an award cockade in felt to be used as bookmark!

Award Book Mark French CockadeAward Book Mark French Cockade Award Bookmark French Cockade

These rosettes can be used as a bookmarks for your favourite books and for showing your love for them! Each cockade is hand stamped, using a hand carved rubber stamp. The all is completed with a French tricolored ribbon, you can find them on my etsy. I hope you like them!

Other hand carved rubber stamps

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Nice. I gave you an One Lovely Blog Award. Do come to my blog to take the Award Button.

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