Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Treasures of Paris #5. Merci

For this new issue of my posts dedicated to special places to discover in Paris, I'd like to change a little from my habits. This time, indeed, instead to feature a little and picturesque shops, I'm going to present you a huge store. I've recently discovered "merci", 1500 m2 of design and creative and inspiring things in the core of Paris.

This choice is motivated by two main aspects: the "store" and the "concept" that lie beyond this "concept store". Concerning the first motivation, the store is accommodated in a wonderful and dreaming place, under this aspect is really unique: it is an ancient Parisian building nearby one of my favourite borough - le Marais. You accede to the store passing through a wonderful internal court that cut out the noises of the town. This building, which during XIX century was a textile works, was recently completely restored in the respect of the old architectural structure: a mix of antiquity and modernity in the same delightful place.

The second motivation is the concept beyond "merci". The original idea of the owners, who became rich during last 30 years thank to their chic children cloths "Bon Point", was to open a shop in which all things for sale are given for gift by designers, artist, stylists, writers; Indeed, here you can find both new and used things, from books to pencils, from industrial tables to mini-skirts, from dishcloth to handmade soaps and perfumes. Price are not always really cheap, but earnings are devolved to charity actions. Furthermore, this shop resumes a kind of French taste in matter of design and creativity, and a walk in it is sufficient to have you breathe the typical bohemienne atmosphere. In the shop, there's also a caffé, in which you can read books during your shopping pause.

If you are not in Paris now, nor you are planning to visit soon this town, I want to suggest you to start to breathe the Parisian style visiting a cute e-shop, fulfilled with amazing Frenchy things for children, frenchblossom!

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Le Vélo Noir on 13 October 2011 at 01:39 said...

Merci beaucoup for posting about this shop, Patricia! I'll be on holiday in Paris starting next week. I shall make a point to visit this place.


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