Tuesday 23 June 2009

Summer is coming! Canvas tote bag for the beach...

This bag is done in an authentic seafaring style with a fabric in white and blue stripes. In order to give a chunk of fancy, I have also added a little white anchor in felt! Hoping you enjoy it...

This shopping bag is made with a cotton fabric. Inside, there is also a fantasy fabric as casing and a little pocket with a covered button in the same fantasy. The anchor is handmade by me in white felt. The beach towel, the body cream, the fishes and the scuba glasses are not on sale...

Tuesday 2 June 2009

How to make Mr. Orecchia. Free tutorial for a sweet soft toy!

In this post you can find a little tutorial that describes how to make a lovely soft item, that I called Mr. Orecchia. I hope you will have fun doing it!! Here you can find the free pattern of Mr. Orecchia, dowload and use it.

1) Put your pattern on top of the the felt. Transfer the outline onto the fabric with your charcoal or colored pencil. Use dark-colored pencils for light fabrics. Use light-colored pencils for dark fabrics:

2) Cut felt according to patterns:

3) Position the eyes and the nose onto the face. Cross-stich around the eyes and the nose:

4) Stick the ears in and overlock stich them in place:

5) Overlock stitch the face and stuff it with cotton, stitch shut:

6) Stuff the body and stitch shut:

7) Sew the head onto the body;

8) Glue the arms on the body:


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