Wednesday 25 December 2013

Sweet Xmas!

My personal tradition for Christmas is to make my special cookies for my family and my friends. Every year, about a couple of days before Xmas, my kitchen is turned into a kind of chaotic pastry shop that churns out hundreds of sweet and colourful cookies!!

The aspect that changes in this personal tradition of mine is the decoration for cookies and this year I have find out a pattern to make cute paper bags. Of course, I had also decorated them with some special Xmas stamps, which I made for this occasion. Then, also little felt handmade mascots have been added to each bag, just in order to give a last kawaii touch!

And, my little Xmas gift for you is to provide the pattern of these paper bags: you can download it and use for your personal uses. The tip is also to print it out and use directly to make the paper bag, you can also photocopy it in bigger size in order to have a larger bag (in case of very greedy friends!). I wish you a Merry Xmas!

Friday 13 December 2013

The art of the well spleeping

According to my personal experience of new mom, new-born babies can sleep even 20 hours in a day. Of course, this is not a continuative lapse of time, because they actually want to eat every two-three hours (it would be too fantastic to sleep as well for at least 8 hours!), but they are very gifted for sleeping in any case...


... during the sleep, the little ones grow - that's true! Actually, the sleep is not only important because the babies dream and rest, but also because it seems that the specific growth hormone (the somatotropin) is produced during the sleep, especially during the night! So, the sleep time is almost holy for them!!


As far as the sleep is important to such extent, this activity should helped with all the possible ways. Fifi is very helpful in cuddling my daughter Gemma (they already are best friends!), but also some cute toys help me in this task. The Gemma's favorite ones are a cute white Ange Lapin and Sophie la Giraffe: they are also the favorite ones of mine... what a coincidence! this is the same also for other thousand of French children. For that I took decision to made a couple of stamps of Sophie la Giraffe and Ange Lapin to which I would like to tribute!!

Tuesday 10 December 2013

My new special xmas stamp sets

As every year, December comes very fast and Xmas always arrives in a flash... Yet even in this short lapse of time I have made a couple of hand carved rubber stamp sets that will be perfect to decorate gift and wishes cards...

They are a cute Christmas Tree, composed by the tree, a star and a glass ball, and a kawaii Gingerbread man, formed by two stamps (the outline and the inner to be colored). You can find both the tree and the gingerbread man on my etsy shop, I hope you like them and I wish you happy holidays!

Wednesday 4 December 2013

Welcome to Gemma!

It is with my greatest pleasure that I am announcing the birth of my daughter, Gemma! She's born the 25 November, she's cute, healthy and wise (at least for the moment...). I am not able to express with words the happiness that Gemma brings amongst us!!

In Italian, "Gemma" means both the "gem" of a flower and "precious stone": we have chosen this name in order to give a good augury to our little one, to wish her to blossom as a beautiful flower and to show to the world her preciousness.


And in order to welcome Gemma, I have prepared a certain amount of bombonnières (it is a tradition in Italy to give a little gift box with some sugared almonds inside to the family and friends) with an heart-shaped box, with hand stamped her name upon (I made a little hand carved rubber stamp). I have added also a little felt smiling heart to be used as a pin. And, if you'd like to make the same bombonnière for your child, you can find here a pattern for the hearth-shaped box and for the felt heart!

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