Wednesday 27 October 2010


Award Book Mark French Cockade

I love very much illustrated books and, for that, one of my favorite activities is to spend my spare time flipping books in children compartment of bookstores... I'm very happy when I found illustrations able to express, through their immediacy and simplicity, even those concepts that should require many words. It is a language, whose apparently simplicity conceals actually a strong work of research that aims to the essence. And today, during my bookstore blitz, I stumbled upon a wonderful illustrated book, which has literally ravished me! It's Le Petit Gibert illustré by Bruno Gibert...

Bruno Gibert, Le Petit Gibert Illustré, Albin Michel Jeunesse, Paris, 2010, price 17,90 €, site of the publisher

It is an "alternative" dictionary; it offers indeed non conventional definitions to describe ordinary things, changing the point of view of the reader. Some amazing illustrations are related to funny definitions, and it really make me smiling thanks to the style of his draws and to his original and playful writings... amongst a lot of drawings and definitions, I've chosen only three of them in order to better present his work:

My love for this book inspired me to elaborate an "useful" prize with which reward my favourite books: an award cockade in felt to be used as bookmark!

Award Book Mark French CockadeAward Book Mark French Cockade Award Bookmark French Cockade

These rosettes can be used as a bookmarks for your favourite books and for showing your love for them! Each cockade is hand stamped, using a hand carved rubber stamp. The all is completed with a French tricolored ribbon, you can find them on my etsy. I hope you like them!

Other hand carved rubber stamps

Saturday 23 October 2010

More hand stamped felt brooches!

More felt brooches done with hand carved rubber stamps

To create by myself hand carved rubber stamps is a too gratifying experience for many reasons: either you'd like to reproduce a pattern to infinity or you'd like to give a personal touch to a self creation, nothing is easier than a stamp stroke! Decoration through rubber stamps allows indeed very various uses... in this case, for instance, I used my stamps to decorate some fabric with which afterward I've created some tender and sweet colorful felt brooches.

More felt brooches done with hand carved rubber stamps More felt brooches done with hand carved rubber stamps

Here below you can find all kind of brooches I've made that I've put on sale on my etsy. Remember to indicate me your favourite one, writing me the number of the slide and the letter corresponding to your choice, while ordering. For instance, if you like the ladybug, indicate 1C while you are ordering on my etsy. Thank you, I hope you like them!

More felt brooches done with hand carved rubber stamps More felt brooches done with hand carved rubber stamps

Tuesday 19 October 2010

A Romantic Life

A ROmantic Life

Paris with its magical and dreaming atmospheres belong without any doubt to the most romantic town in the world, maybe it's the most romantic town over all! It's sufficient to walk around to find lovely instant to be "stolen" with a camera... for instance, here I found two very charming and poetic subjects while I was traversing the Seine at Pont Des Arts....

A Romantic Life A Romantic Life

I risk to compete seriously with Doisneau's baiser de l'Hotel de Ville ;) !
As being very inspired by this shiny and charming afternoon (it was weeks that the sun was striking...), I took decision to follow this thread of romanticism, and create some romantic stamps...

A Romantic Life A Romantic Life

And I used this stamps for producing cute brooches and necklaces that fit very well with all ladies who want to show their romantic side wearing them going outside:

A Romantic Life
A Romantic Life A Romantic Life

I hope you like these products, as usual you can find them on my Etsy

Thursday 14 October 2010

Spats: the style for your feet!

handmade spats
Stylish items can not be forgotten and are destined to be put forward again, maybe under different appearances, even a lot of years after their first coming. The charm of cult items surpasses their historical context and become timeless. In my opinion, this is the case of spats!
From being traditional items of uniforms, spats evolved adapting themselves to our age. In this way, they could become an essential accessory able to give a touch of great originality to your way of dress. Elegant, casual, glamour, cozy, fizzy or classical, spats can adapt themselves to all styles, to all shoes, to all contexts, to all seasons and to all wishes.

I've produced a wide range of spats, with various colour, outside fabrics, and linings. Check them all clicking on the rings below, the first 3 are actually on sale on my etsy, other are on sale on my dawanda... if you like the other ones, send me an email, I will add them promptly on my etsy

Wednesday 6 October 2010

I'm singing in the rain... with matryoshka dolls!

Rain Drop safety pin

Here is Paris autumn is definitively started and, by now, it's raining since several days ago... probably the sun is striking for a right reason, but this permanent cloudy and rainy weather risks to terribly depress me! So, in order to cope with this season, I took decision to exorcise my unease with a smile: and here this my new collection completely dedicated to smily and funny clouds, which if put on they will be able to make funny also the dampest autumn day!

Raining Cloud necklace

More than this rainy kilt pin and these cloudy necklaces, our deep need of happiness and smiling could be fulfilled with these adorable Matryoshkas! Nothing makes me happy as much as a Russian Doll...

matryoskhas draws
Autumn Fabric Covered Buttons Autumn Safety Pins

you can find these creations of mine on my etsy: matryoshka buttons and safety pin. I hope you like them!

Sunday 3 October 2010

New old craftiness

Bon Ton
5, boulevard des Filles du Calvaire
75003 Paris

Here in Paris I love very much to spend my spare time browsing through some unique shops, looking for cute items with which to give a cozy touch to my sweet home. There's a huge quantity of this wonderful shops; among them I adore to hunt high and low in Bon Ton (photos above). The aspect I prefer in these places is their typical taste for old-fashioned things and for all cute things with a nostalgic flavour of yesteryear.
This my passion drove me to dedicate some rubber stamps and other stuffs to those items that are now a really cult being able to catch the love of both children and grown up ones.

Here for instance you can find my hand carved rubber stamp of the famous Ange Lapin of Trousellier, whose designers brings to childhood a sweet touch of cute poetry since more than 30 years ago. If you never stumble upon it, take a tour in their website... This rubber stamp is now available on my etsy

And here I'm pleased to introduce you two retro dolls, which I could not resist from buying... and which now are adorning my house... also these rubber stamps are now available on my etsy

More than hand carved rubber stamps, I get inspiration from my new Roly-Poly doll to produce a couple of handmade felt brooches, also available on my etsy. The Roly-Poly is a plastic retro Russian doll, which has some weight in the bottom that make it able to never keep over. When gently knocked, it rocks back and swinging it makes a soothing jingly sound. Sometimes is also called "never-fall" doll. I hope you like my Roly-Poly stuff...

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