Thursday 31 July 2014

Terrycloth baby cute stuff

The transition from suction to swallowing is a challenge for every baby. When the little ones start to eat solid foods, they can be very annoyed, spitting out or drooling, and they can also refuse the pap that we parents have prepared for them with much love. It is known: each new achievement demands time and patience...

Gemma, for instance, often eat her pap without refusing it and generally she likes to taste new things. But she likes even more than eating to put her hand into the dish, to pull throw down her spoon and all items she finds on the table, to spread the pap on her, covering her face, and to turn the kitchen into a real battle field... and of course, I love her mess!!

Actually, I love the pap-time and I want to leave Gemma free to explore as much as she wants while she's eating. In order to make even more funny these first lunches, I have sewed a series of accessories in terrycloth. Towels, dolls and pants with the shape of a bunny and of a bear, and a cute smiling bib. These cute friends help very much me in any occasion I need to dry or clean up Gemma, when she exceed in her mess during the pap time!

Here you can find the patterns to download for free of the smiling bib, of the bear and bunny towel, of the bear and bunny pants, and of the bear and bunny dolls... I hope you will enjoy them!!!

Monday 21 July 2014

Summer breeze hand carved rubber stamps

During summer, nothing is better than a sweet breeze from the sea... it allows to breathe even in a very hot day! I can imagine to fly over this breeze, as a paper plane or to twist out as a pin-wheel! For that I made two stamps, one paper plane and one pin-wheel, just to remember how is pleasant the marine breeze! You can find both on my etsy, I hope you like them!

Friday 11 July 2014

Donuts and cupcake sweet love!

The wish of sweeties never goes on holiday. Indeed it can be brought with us during our travels this summer! Fill it up with these two yummy and little felt brooches, inspired to a cupcake and a donut. They are a special set, which you can find on my etsy! I hope you like!!

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