Sunday 28 November 2010

Crafters of sweets

Ladurée rubber stamp set by Mark's
When the most famous Parisian pastry shop, Ladurée, meets up and collaborates with the great Japanese stationary brand, Mark's, some little dreams come to life under the shapes of cute rubber stamp sets. And one specimen of this amazing stamp set series went at home with me to enrich my personal collection, as you can see below!

Ladurée rubber stamp set by Mark's

It was impossible for me to resist to these cute animals, strangely named and decorated in a baroque way... there are also two other versions as much cute as mine, which are going to be the next gift I will offer to myself...

Ladurée is an authentic gastronomic temple, whose luxury style and precious ornaments make this place a unique address here in Paris; it's almost a symbol of the French lifestyle and a compulsory stop for all gourmands that visit the so-called "Ville Lumière". The macaron is the emblematic product of this maison. This small, round cake, crisp on the outside, smooth and soft in the middle, is the perfect mix of tastiness and beauty, an authentic joy for eyes and palate...

Macarons hand carved rubber stamps

I wanted to dedicate this my new hand carved rubber stamp set to these colourful and delicious pastries. My set is purpose made for reproducing the wide range of colours and flavours that belongs to world of macaroons, thanks to three different modular stamps. You can find my macarons rubber stamp set on etsy shop... I hope you like them!

Sunday 21 November 2010

Weird gift ideas

Felt herrings brooches

For Him, a set of felt herrings brooches (find it on sale on my etsy)

Beige Chic Spats

For Her, a charming chic pair of spats (find them on sale on my etsy)

Reves d'enfance. Bibs collection

For little ones, a very special bib (find it on sale on my etsy)

Fabric hand stamped Christmas ball

for your christmas tree, some new fabric hand stamped balls (always on my esty)

Monday 15 November 2010

New Christmas Ornaments

My handmade christmas ornaments

In my former post, I share with you some ideas about how to embellish gift wrapping and wishes cards for our dear ones; here, on the other hand, I want to show you my last creations that can give a steady crafty touch to our houses during this christmas time!

My handmade christmas ornaments

I've reproduced in a funny and zakka style some characters that usually live upon our christmas trees during winter holidays, as for instance a cookie, a little xmas tree, a gingerbread man, and a comet... your find them on my etsy shop, I hope you like them! Furthermore, I have also other christmas ornaments:

My handmade christmas ornaments

Indeed, I get as well inspiration from christmas and winter contexts to create some hand carved rubber stamps with which, as usual, I created other little stuffs. Also in this case you can use this fabric christmas baubles as ornaments for your xmas tree, or, as me, making with then a bunting... it's sufficient to hand them up to a thread! You can find them on sale on my etsy shop...

My handmade christmas ornaments

Sunday 7 November 2010

Christmas is approaching...

Memi Studio more pics

The Christmas' fever is approaching and I fear the day in which gift hunt will turn people in a wild horde, able to do battle to death even with the most of unsteady old little man for the last pair of reindeer socks (of the wrong size and of a unconvincing colour) remained in a sacked and almost empty shop... take it easy! the most important thing is not the gift in itself, but the spirit with which we are going to offer...

Christmas hand carved rubber stamps

To give presents is not a duty; it should be a pleasure both for who gives and for who gets, and its aim should be to show the love we fell for our beloved ones. And I think that the best way to show our love is to cultivate it with the most precious thing we have got: our time! Time is necessary to take care of all of those details that make a gift special: as its wrapping, its presentation, its greetings card and its colors. For this purpose, I produced a broad series of Christmas hand carved rubber stamps, which can help you to personalise your gifts and make you smiling while coping with this approaching Christmas... you can find them on my etsy as usual, I hope you like them!

Christmas hand carved rubber stamps

Wednesday 3 November 2010

Timeless Vintage toys

Sophie la girafe rubber stamp

Today I found in a shop this wonderful rubber stamp of Sophie la girafe, one of most popular toy for babies not only here in France but also internationally... it's a 100% natural rubber toy created in the 1960s, and produced still now, I really love it, with its retro style and charme "d'antan". This stamps gave me the idea to carve rubber stamps of also other toys, and I thought to create a kind of representative of all toys I love mostly, such as

Monchichi hand carved rubber stamp

With this caracter I created a letter set, that you can find on sale here:

Monchichi letter set stationery Monchichi letter set stationery
Monchichi letter set stationery Monchichi letter set stationery

I've also done a felt brooch inspired to Monchhichi, on sale here

Cheburashka letter set stationery Cheburashka letter set stationery
Cheburashka letter set stationery Cheburashka letter set stationery

also with this one I created a letter set, on sale here

Kewpie doll hand carved rubber stamp

Kewpie doll
with which I created a brooch, on sale here:

I hope you like old toys, as me, and these creations of mine inspired to them!!!

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