Thursday 14 November 2013

A special creator for a special event!

Amongst my best preferred crafters and artists, it couldn't be lacking Grandmother Anna, who is the grandmother of my partner and a very special creator for me. Actually she is a true master of knitting and, since I met my partner some years ago, she started to made amazing wool cloths for me! Her ability not only in knitting, but also in conceiving projects, inventing styles and selecting materials have always surprised me! The unique scarves, capes, and sweaters made by her really helped me during last winters, keeping me warm even in the strong Parisian weather!


But, I am not alone in benefitting of her skills, and this is the reason why I took decision to introduce my dear Grandmother Anna in this post. Latterly, she doing amazing cloths and other wool creations for my forthcoming daughter! Blankets, sweaters, hoods, socks, bibs... everything that she will need! This is the very special event that I would like to share with you, the readers of my blog: I am waiting a baby and soon I will start to share my life with my little (and well-dressed!) one!! I am really, really looking forward! Thank you very much Grandmother Anna for all you're doing for us!!

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