Saturday 11 April 2015

A run for life!

"If you sometimes feel a little useless, offended, or depressed... Always remember that you were once the fastest and most victorious little sperm out of millions" I believe to have heard this quote into a Woody Allen's film... I am not sure about, but it fits exactly with these couple of brooches! You can find both on my etsy, please check them out here!

Sunday 5 April 2015

Easter everyday! DIY amigurumi maracas project tutorial

For Easter, I would like to show you a cute project that is dedicated to a person who can be considered the "King" of Chocolate and who has recently passed away: Michele Ferrero. He not only invented the Nutella, but he also created his little "Kinder Surprise" chocolate egg that, as he claimed, he made possible the Eater everyday. Actually, this little chocolate egg, like the Easter egg, contains inside a little "surprise": either a little toy or a special collectible figurine.

Whole generations of children throughout the world loved and love Kinder surprise. Gemma as well has been captured by the charm of the magic little egg... thus the collections of little figurines that I gathered during my childhood can be continued! And, in order not to put anything into the rubbish, I have found out a way to re-use in a kawaii way the yellow plastic capsule that contains the surprise into the eggs!

In order to turn this plastic capsule into a kind of maracas, it is sufficient to full the capsule with anything that makes a sound shaking it: some dry beans or little stones, rice, sand... The sound changes accordingly to what you put inside and to the quantity of stuff that fills it. Using different maracas with different sounds, the child could improve her or his sense for the music.

Once you have filled the capsule, you can crochet a "cloth custom-tailored" for it. Here you can find here some photos, which I have found in a book, about how to make an "amigurumi" in a simple and step by step way. But I am sure that the easiest thing is just to ask around you to mums, gradmas and aunts... to crochet or knit was so widespread and I am sure that in each family there is someone who is able to do this! Moreover, it could also be a cute way to spend the Easter or another together with our beloved.

Me too, I discovered that my mother was gifted of real talent in doing these little crochets and she immediately produced these three little cuties! Actually, I have added the eyes and the rest of their pretty little faces, which I have made with some felt. The only thing to keep in mind is to use a crochet hook littler than the size indicated on the thread, just in order to make a thicker weave.I hope you will enjoy doing these ones!! It is obvious that Gemma adores them all!!!

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