Friday 26 October 2012

My parisian rainy days

Today Paris's weather is back to its rainy normalcy. After three days in which Paris was hugged by an unusual warm and sunny weather similar to Indian Summer often described by novelists and meteorologists, a cold rain is appeared again proving that this is the most frequent weather condition of this town. And, me and Fifi will never stop to complain about it! 


Yet, cloudy and rainy conditions have also their good side. For instance, they push me, as in the past, to conceive amulets to propitiate the coming of the sun and they confine me in my studio during the necessary time to create them. 

And, during some rainy afternoons, I create those items, inspired to a smiling rainy cloud to be stamped on your paper, to be wear as a brooch on you (trench) coat, or to be get on as a necklace. I wish you many sunny days or, at least, to have an umbrella and an amulet when outside it rains. 

Likewise for the ghost presented in the last post, these clouds were made with FIMO and with a sort of cookie cutter made in metal by me with a shape of a cloud and of a raindrop. You can find all these cloudy creations on my etsy, I hope you will like them!!! 

Thursday 18 October 2012

Trick or treat? Scary cute ghosts are coming

As Halloween is approaching, I get the inspiration to produce some goods inspired to the scary world of ghosts and spirits. With some FIMO Effect Glitter and a sort of cookie cutter made by me with the shape of a ghost, I have made a cute scary pendant. And I have also carved a rubber stamp with the shape of this smiling ghost. Boo!


Yet these items are not only the perfect gadget for halloween: they could be used all the year long, to embellish your style with fun or to put a ghost presence on you paper project or on your journal. You can find both of them on my etsy, I hope you like them!

Saturday 6 October 2012

A blast from the past

This summer I had the chance to find out an amazing shop on ebay, which brought me back in the past thanks to a unique selection of vintage items that belonged to my childhood. Such, for instance, Poochies' stamps, which I get used to collect with enthusiasm and to use without moderation. I believe that they are the cause of my actual passion for stamps. I remember that my mother was less enthusiast than me because I enjoyed to stamp them out on everything was within my reach, including walls :). Anyway, tarlo-toys is like the Ali-Babà's cave for all persons that, in spite of being - like me - around 30 years old, pine for the favorite puppet of their childhood.


Here I have purchased this wonderful item: a Memole's "copier" (or "copywriter") from the beginnings of 1980s, perfectly conserved and arrived to me along with its original box. Thanks to this amazing tool, it is possible to create countless images of Memole and her friends, the cuteness of which is out of any doubt, using 22 plastic moulds. Because of this magical Memole's copier is now almost impossible to be found, I took decision to share with you the images  which you can find here, merged in four files (1, 2, 3, and 4). You can download freely these images, I hope you will have fun coloring them up and using them to decorate your journal, cards, or wherever you would like! 


Inspired by this cute elf in a red pointed hat, I have also created a series of stamps and a felt brooch of Memole and of her little fluffy friend, Pacopaco. You can find them on my etsy shop. I hope to have succeed in evoking in you too happy souvenirs or to have contributed to diffuse Memole amongst younger generations, who had not the change to grow up with her fantastic adventures!

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