Monday 24 November 2014

Back from Shanghai with kawaii stuff

Here me back after this rather long silence... during this while, I spent about a month in the amazing Shanghai, in China, where Orient and Occident are able to merge together! Actually, it is impressive to observe the fusion into this town between the futuristic skyscrapers of the financial district, the Pudong, and the decrepit alleys of the old town, the Nanshi, in which old temples and shikumen survived with their old history and traditions.

With my big surprise, I found that I was in the real homeland for stamps. Actually, in China there's a far long tradition for stamps, which were carved into the jade since ages ago! Usually, they figure the name or the symbol of the family. Indeed, at the Shanghai museum, I could see some stamps that were made 6-5,000 years ago! Of course, I have fallen in love with this long lasting tradition, and I also committed my own family stamps to a traditional carve master!

Yet, I have to admit that in Shanghai I above all hoarded an impressive amount of cute and kawaii stuffs: pens, rubbers, beads, carillons, stamps, figures... the lovers, as me, of the kawaii things could take a wild shopping there, without get ruined. Also the food is often showed with very cute shapes and with logo insomuch cute as I decided to turn some of them in rubber stamps...

The one that you see here above is the logo of Want Want (click here to discover this brand). You can find the face of this funny child on milk cans, but also on sweeties and cakes. According to what I was able to understand, this character is a very idol for Chinese children; also for that I decided to open a little page, which will follow with other issues, about the "Shanghai cute stamps". I hope you like it...

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