Wednesday 29 February 2012

Customized works

kit fiação com fuso

I love to make custom orders! During last times I met on the web some amazing crafters and bloggers, who committed me some little customized works such as stamps or draws for them. Here's I'd like to thank them, and to show you these last creations of mine, introducing you also these amazing people who contacted me for their little hand crafter works...
The first is Coral, from Saint Louis Obispo - California, also called "SLO", to which wikipedia refers also as "the happiest city in America". And I believe that wikipedia this time should not be far from accounting the true, seeing the wonderful world that Coral is able to describe in her gorgeous blog, rich in inspirations and cute pictures. Recently, she asked to prepare a couple of portraits to be added on her blog that feature her in company of the Pascal, her inseparable softy bunny, in both a winter and a spring versions...

... then, I'm glad to introduce here also Charlotte, a Parisian talented dress maker, who ordered me a stamp with her logo, to be used for signing her collections. Recently, she was also featured on the French Etsy blog, in which she released an inspiring interview with amazing photos showing her dreamy works; you can take a look also to her blog here...

kits fiação

And last but not least, I happy here to talk again about Rosario, aka Donamaria. Rosario handcrafts amazing wools and I find that really gorgeous. She firstly asked me to turn a draw of her daughter into a stamp. Then I made also for her the logo of her boutique. Some time ago, I discovered that she uses these stamps to decorate her wooden spools and to embellish little cotton pouches that she uses for her wools. I find this idea really creative, able to well describe the potential of hand carved stamps: to have fun, to embellish things, and to make even more special our unique objects. Thank you Rosario for sharing these cuties!

fusos e sarilhos aos molhos

Thursday 23 February 2012

A great week-end in Paris

Week-end in Paris for me means to gather stuff in flea markets. This town offers a lot of knick-knack expositions. The most famous are marchés aux puces, which are located in Saint-Ouen (at the Porte de Clignancourt), in Porte de Vanves, and in Montreuil. These markets are stable ones and they are opened each week-end, sometimes also during monday, and they are really little towns filled with old stuffs. Yet aside these well-established flea markets, usually each week-end some ephemeral exchanges are organized in the streets: they are either brocantes or vide greniers. A brocante, word that could be translated with "second-hand good", is an occasional market in which sellers sold in the street antiquities and other old things. Vide greniers (literally "clean out attics") are even more informal, and people simply brings their old and no more wanted things for selling them down in the street. While brocantes are usually more chic, in vide-greniers you can find really great deals (or huge rip-offs.... bien sur!)

During my last gathering activity, I stumbled upon an amazing brocante in Village Saint-Paul - an ancient inner court in the Marais district - and amongst wonderful old stuffs, I found my little happiness. Indeed, I've found a tiny owl in ceramic (first photo in head) and a spectacular typo drawer in wood, which can contain with ease not only the tiny owl but also all other little stuffs already gathered around! In my opinion, it is simply wonderful, and it fit very well with the ambience of my little attic...

And my old-new tiny owl inspired me to such extent that it became my mascot and I turned it in a felt brooch and in a rubber stamp... you can see the outcome here below... both the brooch and the stamp are on my etsy!

Sunday 19 February 2012

Llama, my spitting avenger!

Big city life seems often to a jungle. Not in the sense of a virgin tropical jungle, fulfilled with green trees, funny animals and relaxing chirps of tropicals birds as in Kipling's books... I am talking of that kind of cement jungle in which people forget their kindness, use compulsively horn at any time, and wrestle for each cm on sidewalks without caring about others... Sometimes, I would like to have a llama and come out for a walk with it on leash as a dog... it would be my shaggy avenger spitting in the face of all bully ones crossing my path!

As I think it would be rather unrealistic to adopt this unerring animal as my personal pet, I wanted to dedicate a rubber stamp to it, with which I've spent some funny times marking my stuff and producing a pencil case. Both the stamp and the pencil case are available on my etsy... I hope you like them!!

Tuesday 14 February 2012

Happy Valentine's!!!

Some time ago, I purchased an amazing necklace, created by Tinee Häcker. I really love it so much and I always wear it because I find that its style and its design are unique and genial! Thanks to Tinee, I discovered the existence of "shrink plastic" a magic material that allow to create bijoux in plastic with a lot of fun using stamps to decorate them! So, I wanted to try to use me too this material creating a new stamp with which I have decorated the pendant. This lovely hug between two koalas is dedicated to all lovers, as far as today is Valentine's!!

In my etsy shop, you can find also other items in theme with Valentine, such as the little felt heart brooch

or the little heart hand carved rubber stamp set

and a padlock, along with its little key!

HAPPY VALENTINE'S to everybody!!

Friday 10 February 2012

My dear robot

When I was child, one of my dream was to have a robot all for me. I longed indeed for having a robot able to do whatever I disliked to do, such as, for instance, to tidy up my room, do my homework, to listen to mum while giving me a lecture, and even to eat vegetables... a kind of little unaware slave, willing to kindly help me in every occasion.

Hopefully, I put aside this slave attitude growing up; yet I've kept a geek vocation linked to robots. I am convinced that robots are one of representation of what I love in human being: that's the Promethean attitude to create through ingeniousness devices with which to overcome physical limits. As in the funny cartoon here above, "Bimbo in the robot", in which the weedy Bimbo is able, thanks to its personal robot, to lick the enormous and unfair Mike for the hand of his beloved! This funny story came from the ingeniousness of the mythic Max Fleischer, the father of Popeye, Betty Boop, and, off course, of Bimbo.

Thus, while I was remembering during these last days to this childish desire of mine, I took decision to carve a special stamp set dedicated to this little mechanical friend; some fabric hand stamped using this set became afterward a geekery pencil case... I hope you like them, they are on my etsy!

Sunday 5 February 2012

My favorite illustrators # 7 Misako Mimoko

In this continuous discovery of utmost creative entities on the web, to which I'm dedicating a special issue of this blog, it was impossible for me to not assign a special place to Eva, aka Misako Mimoko. Eva is an illustrator, a crafter, a dreamer based in wonderful Barcelona, in Spain. Her creations are simply extraordinary: take a look to her website or to her etsy shop for having an idea of her unique style!

Amongst her creations, Eva has made a wide range of unique characters, thus materialized in the shape of funny dolls! These dolls are entirely hand made with soft and warm fabrics, and they are able to evoke in me the same uniqueness that belongs to "d'antan" dolls, because of the care and of the meticulousness that Eva put in these creations. Since I discovered her on etsy some time ago, I was really fascinated by these imaginative dolls, which she called dolis (the little ladies) and dolos (the baby boyz). For instance, doli winter tree & dolo monsieur tranchette (here above), and doli little house & doli red apple (below).

Yet my favorite doli is this cute candy, which I saw some times ago on her etsy. I love it to such extent that I made an hand carved rubber doli-stamp directly inspired to her sweetness!!

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