Wednesday 26 February 2014

As many moods as the weather

Being very weather sensitive, my moods change following the weather conditions. While I feel an irrational happiness in the sunny days, there's almost nothing that could enhance my good moods when outside rain. And often, people do not understand me my changing behaviours... so I wondered, why to not make something to alert all around about my weather-changing moods?

And, looking to the Gemma and to the way in which she's able to change expressions, I had a lot of fun when I recognise that her moods too can be compared to the weather conditions! While sometimes she smiles like the sun, in other cases she is a pensive as a cloudy sky, fickle as a variable weather and even "thunderous"  in certain (few) occasions, when she cry inconsolably!!

For that, inspired to these considerations, I have produced a wide range of felt brooches and hand carved rubber stamps inspired to the weather conditions. The brooches can be used to show to the world our feeling/moods. While the stamps can be used to track on our agenda the record of our humour, day by day! You can find both on my etsy shop, hope you like them.

Monday 10 February 2014

Cute and warm mascot creations

While the cold and the rain persist outside, I feel like to make some cute mascots to warm up this winter weather. Thanks to a cute white fluffy fabric, I have produced some new characters that I hope you like. They are Mr and Mrs Cloud, Madame and Monsieur Lapin, Francis the Llama, Henri the Bear, and Judith the Seal. I am sure that their cuteness will be able to bring a lot of smiles with them!

I also sewed a pin on their back, these cute characters can be used as a brooch to embellish your cloths. My daughter Gemma served as model in these photos... seeing her happiness while wearing them, I suppose that she likes them very much!!! And I have also made some hand carved rubber stamps inspired to these characters, which you find - also with the brooches - on my etsy shop. I hope you like them!!


Saturday 1 February 2014

Happy birthday Fifi!!! Cake for dogs recipe

Today Fifi turns two years old and, because she is a special member of our little family, we have organised a little party to wish her a happy brithday all togheter! The main surprise for her was to find a special cake espacially made for her, which I have made myself with genuin and fresh products. And which I would like to share with this delicious recipe for dogs, just to try it out for the happiness of your little fluffly friends. Here's the ingredients and the recipe.

100 g of rice
100 g of fish (for instance, of cod)
1 tablespoon of fresh cheese (for instance, of Philadelphia)
1 tablespoon of olive oil
About 20 cookies with the shape of a bone. For the recipe, see here.

Boil the rice for about 25-30 minutes. Drain and swill it in order to remove any residual starch. At the same time, boil also the fish in another pan for 15 minute and, after having drained it, complete the cooking with some freash cheese stiring it up. Once done, add also the rice til aving an homogeneus compound. Smear a small bowl with some olive oil and then pour the compound into the bowl. Stuff and press it with the help of a tablespoon to umiform its surface. Then put the bowl into some warm water for 10 minuts, this serves to made the compound stick to the shape of the bowl. Afterward, turn it over a plates, shake to help the compound to drop from the bowl, and embellish the board of the cake with the bone-shaped cookies, as shown in the photo. Finished! (The cookies that I made have been customisez with the Fifi's name, thanks to a tool bought here).

And here Fifi struggling with her birthday cake, happy birthday!!!

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