Sunday 13 April 2014

Make me droll party stamp set

Since the birth of Gemma, we get used to make little parties each month during the day when she's born. Shall I call it "birthday-month" or something like that? The ritual is always about the same: we have a good lunch together (no, Gemma is still feed with my milk), which ends with a delicious cake... actually every occasion is good to eat a cake!! Then, we take a photo all together!!!

During one our birthday shootings, I had the idea to make another of my "make me droll" stamp sets, with which to modify and embellish our photos, giving to us a more party mood! Here around some samples... as in the case of the other sets, also newspapers and other stuffs could me transformed with my stamps-camouflage... you can find my make me droll party stamp set here, along with all the other make me droll...

I hope you like them!!!

Monday 7 April 2014

Sweet birthday party

These days of spring, in which the sun and the sweet weather spread the happiness all around, create in me the wish to celebrate. For that, I make a couple of hand carved stamp set inspired to the sweeties that I love: cupcakes and ice-cream!

While I was creating these stamps, my idea was to make a set with which to be able to create cards and invitations for parties, such as birthdays. For that, in each set I add some little flags with which to create a bunting as decorations. 

Use a pen to draw the thread of the bunting, and the eyes and the mouth to the ice-creams and to the cupcakes... and the game is done! I hope you like these stamps sets, you can find both on my etsy shop! Check them out here!!!

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