Sunday 1 March 2015

The little brown soots of the sand!!

Before coming back in Paris, in my home-town I enjoined the beauty of the beach during the Winter. When the Summer ends, the beach always comes back its natural and wild shape without the clumsy beach umbrellas and deckchairs. Walking around in the shore it is possible to find little treasures, which the sea brings up during along with its waves and storms, such as little glasses, shells, canes with the greatest variety of forms, and, above all and if you are lucky... the little brown soots!

These little brown creatures are far cousins of the little black soots (the ones of the cartoon My Neighbour Totoro) and, like them, the usually pop out only when there's anybody (or nearly). However, unlike the black soots, which are the sons of the dark, the brown soots are the sons of the sea and you can find them at the beach during the Autumn and the Winter. Even though they are rather shy and moody, they also love to be pampered and, once they gained confidence, they become inseparable and loyal friends!

These little brown soots have followed me at home, then they travelled with me to Paris, and now I am trying to find a new home for them, where someone could take care of them. Looking at these seven little guys, I have noticed that each of them has a specific mood:

There's Zigulì, who is the smallest of them (he measures only 1.5 cm), but do not trust the appearances because this tiny soot is full of power and vitality. This tireless friend is always on the move and he particularly fits with dynamic people, who likes stay out for long walks!

Then, another one is Big Boy: he is the biggest of the crew, unlike Zigulì, he is very lazy. He spends much time sleeping or leaving himself to be carried out by the wind. Yet, as soon as he sniffs some food, he reactivate himself because he is a big glutton. If you'd like to adopt it, keep your foodstuff at safe!

Vik is the rebel of the group. He is intolerant with any kind of constriction and the he does not like the conventional behaviours of the middle-class society, criticising social and moral systems. In his dreams, he would like to live in a beach on which each little brown soot could be free to contribute with his or her own capacity to the collective welfare; a beach of equals, freed from prevarications. In spite of his small dimensions, Vik is gifted with a big charisma and he is able to awake the consciences of the other soots!

Another soot is George, whose curiosity if often a source of danger for him. Such as that time when, becoming curious about the elegant flight of a seagull, he followed it whirling away for many miles staring at amazing panoramas... but getting lost! Hopefully, the seagull itself was sympathetic with this little one and it brought it back at home... of course, the life in company with him is not boring at all!

John is the most shy soot of the group. Not only, he is also very discreet. He loves to observe at things that surround him and to overthink about what he saw... constantly wondering bizarre things such as how waves are generated, or who has generated the first wave, or again how much grain of sand are in the beach and so forth... For this reflexive soot even the most banal thing is turned into a philosophical source of thoughts

Cookie is tender and pamper, I would say "mushy" for his case. Maybe he is not very self-confident, he needs tons of caresses per day because, without them, he will end up with feeling alone and left aside... and he also become mournful and irritable!

Finally, Sebastian is a real grumpy! His stubbornness arrives to such an extent... he wants always to be right, the other soots feel so sad when they discover that he is very often right! In spite of his grouchy and hypercritical nature, he will never leave his friends alone in a moment of need and he is always able to support them during the difficulties, offering his big hearth.

I hope you like these little friends, discover then all on my etsy!

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