Wednesday 28 March 2012

Hand carved rubber stamps inspired to washi tapes

Washi tapes, also known as Japanese masking tapes, are now a real mania! And since I discovered them, I've state my addiction to these cute and colorful tapes with which I love to decorate my agenda and my paper crafts. A thing that I love in these tapes is their amazing patterns. Initially, when they were launched for the first time by a Japanese manufacturer of normal masking tapes, "only" 20 colors were available on the market. Since then, the range of patterns was increased a lot and tapes with both simple geometrical shapes and more complex ones were released.

Yet the most interesting thing of these tapes is that, differently to other tapes, you can post and remove them afterward endlessly, without risking to damage the surface upon which you applied them! The rice paper and the gentle adhesive with which these tape are made is really surprising, and they worked very well also on paper leaving it perfectly clean... by this way I never end up with posting and re-posting them on my pics, cards, and other stuff!

And this passion of mine gets me the idea to create some stamps inspired to masking tape: instead to post and remove tapes, I tried to emulate their cuteness with touch of stamps that has patterns similar to washi tapes and also the shapes of little pieces of tapes teared out from a tape roll... with them I have created these little flags for my muffins, the little paper chain behind, and I get fun to embellish my agenda! I hope you like them, you can find a wide range of set on my etsy!

Friday 23 March 2012

Cute japanese food

Just today I've found in my mail box a package that I was really forward to receive. I discovered indeed an online shop that is able to meet perfectly all my wishes of cuteness in terms of food and, especially, of Japanese food! CasaBento sells indeed amazing stuff to prepare cute snacks, such as onigiri and sushis, and also fantastic boxes, called "bento" to bring them outside for a picnic...

I'm sure that with all these cute things, I will be able to make kawaii food with ease and fun, which with to perform amazing brunches at home or picnic outside in gardens, as seen that we are now in Spring and even in Paris sunny days are not lacking....

....Inspired by all these cuteness, I've hand carved a wide series of rubber stamps dedicated to Japanese food in which you can find sushi, maki, nigiri, onigiri and a wiener in shape of little octopus... I hope you like them, check them out on my etsy!!

Friday 16 March 2012

Dreaming Twiggy's tete à chapeau!!

As I wrote some time ago, one of my favorite pastime is to spend weekend in flea markets, looking for amazing and unique old-fashoned treasuries. Yet I omitted to tell you that, above all, my dream is to find some day a Twiggy "tete à chapeau". This dummy head, used to displays hats in fashion stores, is often called "Twiggy" because it very similar to the face to Twiggy, the famous 1960s-1970s model. It would be really a dream for me to come one day to a flea market and to gather one of these heads...

... waiting for the arrive of that day, when a lucky me will be able to bring at home it for few euros, this cute item gave me inspiration to produce a wide range of little stuffs. For instance, I hand carved a rubber stamp with the shape of Twiggy with which I've then produced a necklace with shrink plastic. I have also remake a some of little dolls-necklaces, that you can find on my etsy. Finally, I've taken decision also to write a tutorial, with which you will be able to make your customized handmade retro doll necklace! You can find it on etsy as well. I hope you like all these things!!!

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