Wednesday 27 August 2014

Another summer fruit: strawberry

If watermelon is the king of the summer fruit, strawberry is maybe the queen! I love this fruit because of it is beautiful and tasty at the same time. Thus, here's its stamp version: this set is formed by two little stamps, which have been separated to make easier to print it out in two different colours (green and red). Also a little fabric pouch, on which I stamped on my strawberries, come along with this set!

Even if it is tasty and very healthy, Gemma is compelled to wait a while before eating strawberry... at least until next summer! So, for the moment, she will pleased by only "wearing" strawberries on this little and cute bandana/bib, that I have sewed and decorated with this new set of stamps.

Here you can download for free the template to make yourself the bandana/bib. I found this kind of accessories very useful for the little ones, as Gemma, who are struggling with the little complaints linked to the growing of their little teeth!! The stamps set is available on my etsy, please check it out. I hope you like them!! 

Monday 18 August 2014

The fruit of the summer... watermelon!

Watermelon is definitely the king of the summer fruits. Fresh and delicious, it is able to refresh everybody and to bring happiness during the hot summer. A slice of watermelon is the perfect ally against hot and distress, but also the perfect design with which to decorate our summer stuffs, giving a touch of colour on postcards and diary pages of these last days of summer.

Yes! Because this fruit, more of being very tasty, looks also so good... its colours and unique shapes inspired me to carve a new set of hand carved rubber stamps with which to decorate everything with cute and little slices of watermelon!!

This set is so cute and tiny that it is perfect to create amazing patterns on fabric. It is sufficient to use the right suitable ink pad for fabric, iron the outcome for 10 seconds (in order to make the print permanent to washing), and the game is done! You will have a unique fabric, with which to do original and amazing projects. You can fin this hand carved rubber stamp set on my etsy.

Monday 11 August 2014

Travelling with fantasy... on a paper boat

Summer is often synonymous with travel. A journey that could be to exotic and relaxing destinations, where it is possible to rest from the tiring and stressing winter... It is possible to travel by many means: by car, by train, by pane, by boat... but above all, it is possible to travel by fantasy. It is sufficient to come on board of a little paper boat and to be cuddle by the unforeseeable waves of a limitless imagination.

This new stamp is especially made for all the dreamers who love to travel with their imagination. It enables to create poetic paper boats on diaries and other paper stuffs, but also on fabric - like I have done to decorate this handmande bloomer (here if you need a cheap tutorial) for my dear little Gemma. If you'd like to do an origami paper boat, you can download this tutorial here.

I hope you like this new stamp, who can fin it on my etsy. After all, we are in the same boat, sharing the same dreams, fears, wishes, hopes, while we are floating toward an uncertain destination.

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