Sunday 26 September 2010

Biscuit Time

petit déjouner doodle
Breakfast is the moment of the day that I prefer, it's great to start every morning with delicious things and to relax while eating croissants beurre or pains au chocolats... French viennoiserie, I'm crazy for you! The breakfast of this morning was more wonderful for me than normal, and maybe more heavy than usual; indeed I've made some little biscuits using two very special pastry cutters for cup-adorning cookies, which I've found at the Bon Marché here in Paris...

Boy and Girl Cookies Boy and Girl Cookies

Here's the recipe:
ingredients: 150 g butter, 100 g sugar, 300 g flour, 1 egg, 1 pinch of salt
preparation: cream butter, egg, sugar and flour. Add then then salt. Wrap this dough in cling foil and place in the fridge for at least one hour. Now roll out the pastry in approx. 3 mm thick sheets between two layers of baking foil (it's better to use wooden slats as well - these make it easier to attain an even thickness). Cut out the biscuits and remove the remaining pastry away from the cut-out shapes. Leave the cookies on the baking foil and place on a baking tray. Bake in pre-set hoven (top and bottom heat) at 180 °C for 7-10 minutes. Et voilà, bon appétit!

Boy and Girl Cookies

This French touch to my breakfast gives me the idea to produce a couple of stamp sets in parisian style, while the ever-present mustache - a cult item of last season: one "classic" with the writing "voilà" and another "curly" marked with "bonjour"... you can find them on my etsy!

Mustache hand carved rubber stamp stes

Mustache hand carved rubber stamp stes

Friday 24 September 2010

Felt brooches collection

Felt brooches collection

I love brooches but I hate to take myself too seriously: here thus the right compromise! A gathering of very sweet and colorful brooches in felt that I've made taking inspiration from everything I find cute and funny... there is something to suit every taste! delicious cakes, tender animals, friendly fruits... These items are purpose made for everyone loves to play down the seriousness that adult life sometimes imposes on us... these brooches will become reliable friends able to accompany us everywhere! These brooches are on sale on my etsy, check them out!

Felt brooches collectionFelt brooches collectionFelt brooches collection

ps. obviously, these felt brooches could be also a wonderful gift for little ones!

Thursday 16 September 2010

Back to school with amazing fabric covered moleskines!

Little Red Riding Hood rubber stamps Mille bolle blu hand carved rubber stamps

The school is just begun and with some of my favourite hand carved rubber stamps I've took decision to produces some folder in fabric for notebooks, that can help each crafty person to bring the joy all around. These notebook covers fit with the classic and chic moleskine and I made them in two size:
For the moleskine large size (13 x 21 cm (5 x 8 1/4 "), the cahier has 80 pages and the last 16 sheets are detachable), as this "Little Red Riding Hood", on sale on my etsy:

Notebook cover moleskine little red riding hood

There is also a Petit Prince version, on sale on my ALM, click on the round below to discover it...

and for the moleskine pocket size (9 x 14 cm (3 1/2 x 5 1/2 "), the cahier has 64 pages and the last 16 sheets are detachable), as this "Mille Bolle Blu", on sale on my etsy:

Notebook cover moleskine mille bolle blu

in this little size you can find a lot of other versions, check all them clicking on the round below....

Wednesday 15 September 2010

Vote for me! Help me to win a stand at the next T-Mode salon in Paris!

The T-Mode is one of most important appointment for all French creators: it's a wonderful salon, held two or three times per year in Paris in the charming district of Marais, in which innovative creators show and sell their products and try to affirm their brand. Until now, I went to T-mode only as a visitor, but I hope to can participate to the next one as an exposant! Indeed, A Little Market, a French website for selling and buying handmade, open a competition for winning a stand for the next T-Mode. So, please vote for me! Click on "votez pour moi" below, then find my shop in the list: memi-the-rainbow
Thank you!

Friday 10 September 2010

First the nature! Eco-Friendly tote bags!

Eco-friendly Embroidered tote bags!

To use a shopping bag instead of a plastic bag is lifestyle choice: it’s an ecologic need to change bad habits, to act against the waste of resources, and to work for saving the nature. These bags are purpose made for all people who believes that changes start from daily little actions. However, for making the habit of recycling effective, the tote bag has to endure longtime: a tote bag should not broke after a little while because of its poor quality material. For make this attempt more effective, these tote bags are build to ever last and to be used without ceasing with a strong cotton fabric and also the draws are not printed but embroidered to be more resistant. Moreover, the fact that a tote bag is functional and daily use has not serve as a pretext to neglect the aesthetic side: for that, I dedicated a particular attention to create a simple and tender illustration that make the bag friendly and amusing.

Matryoshka eco-friendly shopping bag

For instance, one of my best favourite tote bags is the Matryoshka one: Matryoshka is a very cult item: in every respectable sitting-room should have one in exhibition. If you do not have neither a Matryoshka nor a sitting-room, you can remedy with this absolutely funny canvas tote bag. On the contrary, if you have a complete collection of Russian dolls in you sitting-room, this shopping bag can complete it or can let you show to the world your real passion....

Eco-friendly Embroidered tote bags!

These are all embroidered tote bags I've created:

Monday 6 September 2010

La ronde des boutons

La ronde des boutons

Here me back again in Paris; one of first things I've done, once come back from my holidays, was to have a short visit in some wonderful haberdasher's shops of this town... colored ribbons, precious fabrics, and amazing beads... all these things drive me crazy! But, above all, I've a weakness for buttons: both new ones, multicolored and imaginative in their forms, and the vintage ones, able to evoke again in me sweet souvenirs linked with my old clothes, such as my favourite cardigan or the coat of my childhood. I keep jealously them all into big jars in which every now and then I love to put my hand in: it's a unique sensation. The proof of the pudding ;) !
Following my passion for buttons, I took decision to carve a rubber stamp set figuring some little colored buttons of different shapes:

La ronde des boutons

Once stamped upon some fabric, they were so much cute that I took the decision to turn these drawn buttons into real fabric covered buttons. As I had already experimented in the past, the result is very original: it has a somewhat of surrealistic that remember the celeber "Ceci n'est pas une pipe" by Magritte, in this case I ought say "Ceci n'est pas un bouton!" ;)

Buttons on Buttons

For the new set of buttons, I created 3 exigent mademoiselles to wear them :

La ronde des boutons

I have the honour to introduce to you

La ronde des boutonsLa ronde des boutonsLa ronde des boutons

On sale on my etsy and on my new French on-line shop, ALM!
I'm sure that these buttons will be able to give a special touch to everything upon which you'd like to sew them. You'll see, you are going to exhume old cardigans that you did not wear since longtime ago in order to totally refurbish them with a simple and little touch of craftiness!

Friday 3 September 2010

Le Temps des Cerises

Le temps de cerises

As summer is coming to end, I have tried to produce some hand-made stuff able to bring some of warmth and happiness of summer with me during autumn and winter, while I will be waiting for the next summer... and what is more evocative of summer feelings than cherries? Recently, I've also discovered an old French popular song, called "Le temps des cerises", which refers to the time of cherries as an happy time of populair cheerfulness, as the summer is....

J'aimerai toujours le temps des cerises
Et le souvenir que je garde au cœur
[I will always love the time of cherries
and the memory that I hold in my hearth]

Le temps de cerises

Moreover, during last days I've also hand carved some rubber stamps figuring fresh fruit, inspired by the characters of Decolello:

Le temps de cerises

Apple, pineapple, orange, strawberry, cherries, mushroom, pear, and lemon... they were all used to produce some cotton covered buttons that you can find, together with the Cherries Brooch, on my Etsy shop:

Le temps de cerises

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