Tuesday 26 July 2011

Summer embroideries

During these holidays, I am experiencing new ways of expression and new hobbies as well... and actually I'm trying to come into the amazing world of embroidery! I'm really fascinated by this art and during this summer pause I want to take advantage of my spare time for learning it. I've brought a lovely book from Paris with instructions and a lot of cute patterns, and today I've taken decision to get started... here's you can find some photos taken while the work was progressing and some others that show the outcome: here's my first little hot air balloon embroidered by myself!!

Moreover, once the work was finished I used this montgolfière to produce a little fabric pin with which to decorate my sea bag: I'm really looking forward to go ahead with this new passion and to embroider new subjects soon!

Tuesday 19 July 2011

Handmade Summer Skirts

Before leaving Paris, I was strolling around in order to find some gifts to bring with me for my family and friends here in Italy and, into a shop, my attention was attracted by a wonderful brand, bobo choses, that, unfortunately for me, makes cloths only for children. I suggest to all moms that are reading this post to check out also their blog, because they produce such really cute things for the little ones... In my opinion the designs stamped upon these cloths are really amazing and funny, and I suddenly thought that it would be really great to create some rubber stamps with these logos in order to decorate some skirts that I'd like to wear during my holidays!

Indeed, with rubber stamps you can decorate, more than paper projects and diaries, the fabric in order to reproduce an authentic pattern onto a fabric. With a stamp, using a special ink pad for fabric, you can form a texture with your favorite logo, as showed in the photos of this post. And with this very personal fabric you can make your cloths, such for instance a skirt. Here you find also a free-pattern for producing a skirt with your favorite rubber stamps... you can try to produce it during these holidays, I hope you will have fun with it!!

Friday 8 July 2011

Happy summer!

As someone of you maybe has seen, in my etsy shop there's still my hand carved rubber stamp tutorial for sale... this is because I moved in Italy for my summer holidays! Don't worry, all my hand made creations, such as hand carved rubber stamps, felt stuffs, bags and spats will be listed again in september, when I'll be back home... for the moment I want to wish you an happy and sunny summer!

And before leaving Paris and my tools to carve, I take inspiration to the world of draws for child to make a last summer-like stamp: I was already breathing the air of the Mediterranean and imaging me swimming into the sea during my holidays! I was really looking forward to be here...

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