Sunday 22 June 2014

Summer ice cream special set

The summer has come! And a fresh and delicious ice-cream becomes a real necessity during these first hot days of the year. Even though Gemma cannot still eat this delight, I look forward for the time when she will come with me to eat an ice cream!

In order to accelerate this waiting, I have made special set inspired to ice creams. A little felt brooch with a small hand carved rubber stamp! This is a limited edition, which you can find on my etsy! I hope you like it!

Saturday 14 June 2014

Baby summer bloomer tutorial

It is finally came the summer, the first summer of my little Gemma, who - with my great surprise, revealed to be a cute beach babe! In order to make even more stylish my little model, I have decided to conceive these cute baby bloomers, which I have also decorated with some special summer rubbers stamps.

It seems that Gemma really enjoys these funny clothes. If you would like to try to make you too some cute bloomers, I have prepared an easy to follow tutorial, with step-by-step descriptions and the patterns to be printed out and used to produce the bloomers. This tutorial is available for sale on my etsy. And if, once sewed it, you'd like to embellish the bloomer with a cute pattern, why do not try out to use a hand carved rubber stamp, such as these ones with a marine style!

Sunday 1 June 2014

Mini baby care stamps set

After the first baby care stamps, which I have made some times ago, I stated that in the daily activity of a mum, some things could be important to be tracked on the agenda. Such as for instance, how many poo poos the child does, the temperature, the growth of teeth, the visits to the paediatrician and the vaccinations. For that, I have made a set of mini stamps, which fit with a week agenda. Furthermore, more than be useful, they are so cute to embellish the tracking of children activities and their development! I hope you like it, you can find it on my etsy shop!!



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