Monday 20 December 2010

Santa Claus Rock! Indie Xmas market

During last week-end I've participated to a funny xmas market, held in a wonderful place here in Paris. Indeed, the music centre "Barbara" has organised a indie market to encourage and promote emerging crafters. The Barbara music centre is not far from Montmartre and it is a cool place where to listen good music among kind people and surrounded by a friendly atmosphere. Furthermore, it has a great bar, the "Scopitone", which serves delicious foods and drinks, all under the sigh of the respect of nature and workers' rights with biological and fair-trade products. It was really great experience for me to expose in this market, and I recommend everybody whom are now or will be in Paris to pop in and see it for an indie concert or even only for a drink!

indie xmas market

Moreover, among the crafters of the indie market, I had also the pleasure to meet one of my favourite "etsian" creators, Mélanie alias (Oh la la!), whose bijoux literally enchanted me... they are so feminine and elegant! J'adore!! You can find her shop on etsy here and her dreaming website here, I'm sure that you will like her creations as well!

Finally, I want also to wish a merry xmas and a very happy new year to everybody! See you soon at the beginning of the new year with a lot of new surprises from Paris...

Friday 10 December 2010

Paris, the big snow globe!

Memi's studio under the snow!

Two days ago Paris was rather shocked by a snowstorm, all streets and all roofs became quickly white and my little attic was completely surrounded by the snow, it was like to live in a kind of igloo for one day! And one of my favorite entertainment was to drop snowballs to unaware people walking by downstairs in the street... how naughty am I ?!?

Snow man letter set Eiffel tower letter set

Paris, under this weather conditions, was like a big snow globe, shaken by an unquiet and naughty giant... almost as unquiet and naughty as me that I've spent my whole afternoon in throwing snowballs at people... inspired by these ideas, I took the decision to make an snow globe rubber stamp with which to create a lot of compositions with other rubber stamps... for instance, I created a "snow globed" tour eiffel and a "snow globed" snow man...

Eiffel tower letter set Snow man letter set

Moreover, I turned these two compositions in wintry letter sets, that you can find on my etsy shop... I hope you like them, with this new rubber stamp everything could be "snow-globed", if you have other ideas about what put into the globe, feel free to suggest me!

Sunday 5 December 2010

A French classic: le Petit Ourson Guimauve!

As sundays in Paris there's not much to do, and as the cold that I'm suffering during these last days completely has erased my wish to come out, I've found nothing better to do than spending this whole sunday at home nibbling sweets and candies... the all accompanied also by a mug of hot chocolate... and during this busy and tiring activity I've met a new sweet chocolate little friend, which I discovered to be also a legendary character of the gourmand French universe: le Petit Ourson Guimauve! This is the typical candy of French childhood; it's indeed since 45 years ago that this little chocolate bear is the favourite snack of parisian schoolboys that, after school, have unfailingly a bellyful of them pillaging the first boulangerie they found!
This little bear has two peculiarities. The first is its particular taste. It is not a simply chocolate with the shapes of a bear, as it could seem at first glance; it is indeed a marshmallow covered by a coat of milk chocolate and the result of this mix is quite strange and exotic for me, as I'm Italian and I'm not used at all to marshmallows, but it is really delicious, crisp on the outside, smooth and soft in the middle... the second feature is their packing: for each christmas, you can find special collector metal packs of these candies, designed by talented artists. This year, for instance, the petit ourson asked to Mzelle-Fraise, a young French designer that I love very much, to draw its special metal box. She's drawn a wonderful texture of which you can find some details here:

draws by Mzelle-Fraise

In this new box, there is for the first time the whole bear family: mummy, daddy, and little ones... they're insomuch cute as I wanted to dedicate them this my new stamp set... I hope you like it, you can overuse them without the risk of toothache. You can find them for sale on my etsy shop...

Petit Ourson Guimauve Hand Carved Rubber stamp set

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