Wednesday 22 August 2012

Pirates are coming! SPECIAL GIVEAWAY

Since today, the sea hides another insidious creature, which is undermining the security of unaware swimmers and tourists. More than jellyfishes and urchins, sharks and giant squids, Fifi the pirate with her gloomy air sailing ship is the new danger that people have already started to fear... This shaggy pirate with neither fears nor qualms is ready to lap every unfortunate that come too close to her and even to wag her tail to the ones that stay aways from her...

To honor this merciless lapping pirate - I took decision to craft a new stamp set inspired to the world of pirates, ARR! And to organize a giveaway for it. Rules to participate and try to win this stamp set are easy:

Write a comment from now to the September, the 2nd at 13h00 (Rome, Paris etc. hour) in which you have to indicate which is your favorite seaside place: the mine is Lerici, in Liguria - Italy, where these pics have been takes. You can indicate either places in which you have been or ones in which you dream to come... If you'd like to add other details (if it is for instance a specific beach, when you have been there, why you like it etc), they are very welcome. To each comment I will assign a ascending number (1,2,3, and so forth) and randomizer will find out the lucky winner!  good luck, crew!

Thursday 16 August 2012

Patching up everything

Before leaving Paris I got a lot of repair patches of Macon&Lesquoy, two amazing French designers that produce, amongst other things, these embroidered patches with which to customize and to embellish all wears. They do also fantastic embroidered broaches as this cute golden wretch above. By the way, even an anonymous t-shirt can become unique and original!


The design of these cute patches is fantastic: simply, ironic and chic. There's plenty of cute design, able to satisfy each one tastes. In the pics around this post, you can see my selection: a rainbow (of course), a cloud, a smocking gun, a pint of beer, a bigfoot and also the Beatles in their yellow-submarine version. If before knowing Macon&Lesquoy, to have a hole in my wears was a little drama, now it is a chance! Check their creations at!

Thursday 9 August 2012

Ice creams to share with our dogs!

What's more refreshing, for instance in a hot summer afternoon, than ice creams? I think nothing, yet it is too sad for me to see Fifi's expression while I'm eating my ice cream without sharing it with her... Indeed dogs should not eat ice creams because many of their ingredients are not healthy for our beloved companions! For that, after a quick research on the net, I find out a receipt that, after few adaptations, I've tried out and I'd like to share with you! The proof of the pudding of my experiment with ice creams is the way in which Fifi's was enjoying her ice cream this afternoon....

How to do a perfect ice cream for dogs: use simply nature yogurt and fresh fruits. Put into a mixer a banana, 125 grammes of blueberry, 200 grammes of strawberries and 2 cups of nature white yogurt (the one without sugar). Mix the ingredients for few seconds, afterward put it into some shapes (for instance the same containers of the yogurt) and place in the middle of the compound also a wooden stint, useful to handle it when you will be eating it. After freezing it for some hours into the freezer, eat it without moderation! It is delicious for dogs and for also for us! Try to believe it!!!

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