Friday 30 September 2011

My favorite illustrators # 5 Marc Boutavant

Amongst my favourite illustrators, to which I'm dedicating a special series of issues in my blog, it was impossible for me to not write a post about Marc Boutavant. I love very much his style: he's able to create a wonderful world, fulfilled of incredible amount of details, in each of his illustrations: a kind of parallel world to the real one in which normal people are turned into odd animals!

Here in France, he is an authentic star of children illustrations: in book stores, there's plenty of goods with his draws: stickers, books, games, cards, and even stamps! Indeed, I've found also two stamp sets with his cute characters... I'm really looking forward to become the owner of a third one, I hope that djeco (the producers of these stamps) will satisfy soon this hope if mine...

Monday 26 September 2011

Timeless vintage brands #5 Lemonhead candies

After the summer pause, it comes the time to restart my periodical special issues. And, here I'm glad to announce a new entry of my issues dedicated to timeless vintage brands: Lemonhead candies! Lemonheads come from the beginnings of Sixties, and they are a creation of Ferrara pan, an American brand specialised in the production of colourful candies. I personally consider these candies as a landmark of modern sweet art, just as the Brionvega is for radios! For more information about these little, yellow drops of lemon, take a look to their website here.

I discovered this cute logo quite willy-nilly some time ago, while I was just spending my spare-time browsing the net; and when I see this cute logo representing a droll man whose head has the shape of a big yellow lemon, I cannot avoid myself to turn it into a combined rubber stamp! The pics in this post show the outcome of my fascination for this logo... Indeed, I find it very funny, and it is a pity that they are not easy to be found here in France... indeed I never tried them, at least for the moment.

Wednesday 21 September 2011

New matryoshka stuff

After the last post, dedicated to Matryoshkas, I went ahead with my crafting activity inspired to these cute Russian dolls. Indeed, during last times, I've produced a new felt brooch, showed above and below, which is very similar to my former rubber stamps. I hope you like it, you can find it on my etsy.

Moreover, this Babushkas' strand is by this time taking control over me; I've done also a set of three colourful nesting dolls, produced in sizes from the littler to the bigger one. Their bright colours are able to make happier the beginning of Autumn with its melancholic feelings. Also those ones are available on my etsy, please check them out here!

Sunday 18 September 2011

Matryoshka "postage"

Since I discovered the wonderful world of the craft punches, I definitively have a new addiction. Amongst the various shapes with which you can cut paper thanks to these amazing tools, I discovered one able to cut little postage stamps, which is actually candidate to become my favourite tool...

This new tool gave me the inspiration to carve a special matryoshka hand carved rubber stamp for producing a huge quantity of little postage stamps, usefull to embellish your diary or your paper correspondence; you can buy a set of these russian doll postage stamps on my etsy, where you can find also a new matryoshka rubber stamp. I hope you like them!

Sunday 11 September 2011

A sweet return...

The rentrée, word with which French people defines the return to work or to school after the summer holidays, is something quite tricky for me. In a certain way, I guess it is a kind of little trauma with which we have to cope each time when, after almost two months of absence, we cross the threshold of a house semi-abandoned, covered by dust and occupied only by withered plants. What is, indeed, more unnerving than to have to leave the harmonious sound of birds and cicadas, which accompanied our summer awakenings, and come back to the odious and anxious sound of alarm clocks and of traffic jams downstairs in the street? What is more awful than to find ourselves again catapulted into a crowd of sweaty and not-really-good-smelting people in the subway, after that we get used to breathe the fresh and sweet smell of marine breeze?

For being able to afford this horrific situation, a great help is represented by candies and sweeties, such these very tasting cupcakes! Hopefully, Paris provides a wide range of sweet consolations to modern-life frustrations: this city could be considered as a flavour Mecca, plentiful of little temples of sweeties that offer all of what our palates (and our eyes) need! Indeed, these little cupcakes are, more than delicious, really cute, to the extent that they inspired me a new collection of rubber stamps! I've taken decision to hand carve a set of cupcake rubber stamps, which you can combine in different colours and flavours, with which to decorate all your letters, diaries, dresses and so forth... until when you will be able to make sweeter the harsh return to work! And, in the case of rubber stamps, with zero calories!! You can find this sweet cupcake collection on my Etsy... I hope you find it tasty!

Thursday 8 September 2011

Spoonful - a happiness companion!

Coming back in Paris after my Italian summer, I've found in the mail box a really cute surprise: the 5 issue of Spoonful! Indeed, I'm very glad to announce a new collaboration of mine in a really cute project, the "Spoonful magazine": an edition project that, for using the words of its website, is "a short and inspiring little publication which, in light of our insanely busy lives and increasing ‘oh no, I must find time to read x’ can be finished by the end of a train ride. It’s quick to consume, beautifully soft, & after reading will genuinely make you smile". Spoonfulzine is available for sale here and here, please check it out!

One of central ideas of this zine based in Sidney, Australia, is that the editor asks at each issue to some selected illustrators or artists to make a representation of a random selected object. For this issue, Spoonful has chosen the "Old Oak Tree": and I was very excited to produce my own interpretation of this emblematic tree. Following my personal taste, I produced this tree with the use of hand carved rubber stamps, as shown below...

In order to produce this tree, I hand carved tree different stamps, each one representing a layer of the final outcome: the wood, the leafs, and finally also the acorns... the assembling process of it is illustrated in the following photo... I hope you like it!

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