Sunday, 21 March 2010

New entries on my etsy shop!

What I find brillant in making rubber stamp by myself is not only the chance to turn any image into a template following my personal taste, but also and above all the fact to be able to customize later all my creations with just created stamps! Indeed, although there are a lot of cute rubber stamps already made on sale, in that case the stamp decides to what to be put on. How many times it happened to buy stamps that, despite the pretty pictures, I could not use where I wanted because they were either too big or too small. Hand carved rubber stamps, on the contrary, let imagination totally free to create, because in this case is the rubber stamp to fit to all our needs: I can decide the topic of drawing and its dimensions... and I assure you that is really funny!

These days I created some rubber stamps as this one that reproduces the famous kewpie doll. I love this Japanese doll, I hope to have them done justice...

With my new stamp, I wanted to create immediately a colored brooch in natural cotton and felt that you can find here on sale.

And here's other two hand carved stamps...

And voilà the respective brooches, one called "last cold days", to say good bye to the winter as springtime is coming....on sale here

And one featuring wild boars that, in spite of their rough apparence, I've always found very sweet! Available and here.

Finally, five small rubber stamps made expressly to decorate the original buttons with fabric...on sale here.

2 commenti:

Maria-Thérèse ~ on 22 March 2010 at 12:27 said...

oh my goodness, these are so cute!!! It's been a long time since I carved my own stamps - before I started my blog so I haven't showed them there but I have used one to decorate this notebook:

Noeli que feliz on 22 March 2010 at 16:24 said...

i love it!! so nice & cute!!! :)

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