Sunday 3 May 2009

3# Hello? Who's at the phone?

In 3# covered notebook Mr. Bear is trying to declare his unusual love to a little girl, who is quite surprised about it... maybe she's not well understanding because this kind of play-phone for children never works as desired! However, the love of Bear is evident and the bookmark is the revealing of Bear's sentiments. Even though it seams an impossible love, I support Mr. Bear!

Fabric Covered refillable notebook : when the notebook is full, you can change with a new one simply slipping out it and inserting an empty one. Notebook format is A5, sheets are lined (0,7 mm spaced), 30 pages. Draws are handmade by myself with special permanent fabric painting pens. Bookmark is sewed in the cover and it is made in felt. Red line is embroidered.

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