Friday, 9 April 2010

Spring bugs and other animals

With the arrival of spring pique-niques and promenades in the parks are a must. I love to lie down on the grass and let myself be pampered by the warm torpor of the sun, indeed I very often fall asleep. So far so good, except for being awakened by all the series of annoying bugs that seem to have no other purpose than to make my life a hell! As you can understand, I feel a out-and-out phobia for these disgusting fluttering creatures. The terror I feel in front of everything with more than four legged (and maybe hairy ones) borders on pathology so that even butterflies and ladybirds, universally recognized as lovely animals, have the power to scare me to death. Not to mention spiders, the level of my arachnophobia is as high as I’m not be able even to crush them beacuse of the disgust that I feel if I think to have such an animal under the sole of the shoe or, even worse, because of the fear that the mother of all spiders comes during the night to take revenge for the crime I’ve committed!
So, since I am convinced that the best way to face my fear for bugs is to exorcise it making harmless the "enemy subject", I decided to dedicate these new spring rubber stamps just to insects, or rather to their pretty and friendly version. And I'd say that I reach my goal: they look so reassuring that me too I find them really lovely... who knows, maybe after today when a little bee will wake me up with its "tuneful" buzz, I will be able to see it with different eyes and to hold myself back from having my usual hysterics!

ladybird felt brooch, available on my etsy

Little honey bee felt brooch, available on my etsy

Spring butterfly felt brooch, available on my etsy

Spring bugs fabric covered bottons, available on my etsy

and here's some other cute aminals with respective brooches and fabric covered buttons...

Funny Monkey, Cute Snail and Flying Bat, all three available on my etsy

Funny animals fabric covered buttons, check it out on my esty shop!

3 commenti:

Rosita on 9 April 2010 at 13:48 said...

so lovely! Love each one brooch and rubber stamp :)
you was an inspiration to me to try to make a rubber stamp, but i failed.. :/ so probably I'll just watch your creations and enjoy it :)

Kozue on 9 April 2010 at 15:41 said...

All of your stamps are very sweet! and I see Japanese art inspiration in your stamps. I grew up in Japan and I loved everything KAWAII. : ) Are those purple surface rubbers are Japanese one called HORU NAVI? They smell so good don't they?? ; )

Memi The Rainbow on 9 April 2010 at 17:00 said...

for Rosita: thank you very much! Don't give up to hand-carve your stamps! At the beginnings also for me was hard... with patience and practice, you'll see, it become easier...

for Kozue: thanks a lot! No, it's normal rubber, stamps are purple because they have upon some ink... The rubber about you write is maybe this one :
I use it not very often because here in Europe is too expensive, but that's true, it smell really good, it induces to eat stamps ^.^!

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