Friday 20 April 2012

Treasures of Paris #8. Schmid Alsatian delicatessen

For this issue of my special treasures that you can find walking around in Paris, I'd like to challenge conventional wisdoms about Parisian culinary habits. If you are in Paris and, in spite of all macarons and viennoiseries that you can find at each street corners, an unusual wish of salted carbohydrates floods over you, one of absolutely best choices can be to try an authentic Alsatian Breztel. And my favorite place where to eat them is obviously Schmid, an original Alsatian delicatessen that twirl this delicious and cute snack here in Paris since 1904.

Alsatian culture in strongly linked to Paris. Almost all traditional "brasseries", such as Lipp in Saint-Germain de Près, or Bofinger nearby Bastille, or Flo beyond porte Saint Denis, were founded at the end of XIX century by Alsatians that moved to Paris after the German annexation of this region. Yet, differently to these other quite luxury and expensive places, Schmid offers good deals for delicious dishes to take away from the best Alsatian tradition: choucroutes, cheeses, kouglofs, and, above all, Breztels! Sometimes, they are also able to let me forget my beloved italian pizza al taglio....

And, more to be delicious, Bretzels are also very cute! For that I hand carved a special Alsatian rubber stamp with which I have afterward decorated a handmade skirt... If you'd like to customize your stuff with this delicious stamp, you can find it on my etsy... I hope you like it!!!

Otherwise, if you desire to try delisous bretzels, you can find Schmid in Paris, 76 bd. de Strasbourg, 75010, Mon to Sat 9h-20h, website:, tel. 0033 (0)1 46 07 89 74, e-mail :

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Missy on 14 May 2012 at 03:59 said...

I have never had a bretzel, but I would like to try one after seeing this yummy stamp that you made! My favorite bakery in Paris is René-Gérard de St-Ouen, though. It is so cute to see all their breads in different shapes.

Parisbreakfasts on 27 October 2013 at 01:47 said...

MUST go here!
However did you get the pretzels on your skirt?

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